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My hob ruins my pans

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nanasam Sat 12-Dec-20 18:04:16

Does anyone have any recommendations for a frying pan and/or wok that will not warp when using higher settings on an induction hob? I’m finding it difficult to sear steaks or make a stir fry that doesn’t damage the pan and a lower heat just doesn’t do the job. Would cast iron work? Thanks in advance

25Avalon Sat 12-Dec-20 18:06:45

You are supposed to buy pans that are labelled suitable for induction hobs. Not all pans are suitable I’m afraid.

lemongrove Sat 12-Dec-20 18:11:01

If I were you I would allow Mr Nanasam to do the frying, men rarely burn steaks as they are so keen on eating them!
Am sure others will be here soon with pan advice 😃

Ellianne Sat 12-Dec-20 18:20:50

I have Jamie Oliver saucepans and frying pan for induction jobs. They have lasted well. I think I bought them in John Lewis or Debenhams.

nanasam Sat 12-Dec-20 19:17:37

My pans are all suitable for induction hobs but I tried to complain about a Neverstick Scot-something make because it warped but they refused to do anything because they said I was using a too high a heat. Every Tefal pan I've bought has had the non-stick coating flake off even though they were advertised for induction. I chose my current saucepans with this in mind and got hard anodised coatings and have never put them on a high setting. The coating is coming off these, too. I wonder if I should use bog-standard stainless steel or cast iron - it's costing me a small fortune!

Missfoodlove Sat 12-Dec-20 19:26:37

You need to spend quite a bit and buy the best Analon pans you can afford.
January sales could provide some good discounts.
Here’s a link;

SpringyChicken Sat 12-Dec-20 19:38:55

How do you heat up the frying pans, Nanasam? Do you bring the heat up gradually or whack it on high power from the outset? We are supposed to do the former. Similarly, after use, never put cold water into a piping hot pan.
However, I put saucepans of water on high power from the outset and haven’t experienced any problems.

J52 Sat 12-Dec-20 19:39:43

I have John Lewis frying pans and Wok, that I use on my induction hob. I’d recommend them great quality.

PamelaJ1 Sat 12-Dec-20 20:04:20

I don’t seem to have that problem. I use a cast iron pan to brown meat.
I’ve never heard of Analon pans. I don’t need any now but will try to remember the name if I ever do.

Puzzler61 Sat 12-Dec-20 22:19:47

nanasam I buy Procook pans - 10 year guarantees.

Chewbacca Sat 12-Dec-20 22:37:58

I bought a non stick Tefal frying pan (the one with the red dot in the middle) and it was supposed to be suitable for induction hobs, but it became so warped and twisted that there wasn't enough pan sitting on the hob to generate enough heat! I chucked that in the bin and bought a heavy weight frying pan from IKEA and after 2 years of frequent use, it's still like new. Brilliant value for money at about £15.

MiniMoon Sat 12-Dec-20 23:46:16

I have Tesco Go Cook pans. Very good solid bottoms. I have an induction hob and they work perfectly.