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Garlic bread

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garlicbreadisnice Wed 06-Jan-21 16:16:38

What is best garlic bread recipe 😁😁

Witzend Wed 06-Jan-21 23:11:42

I cut the bread into portion-size lengths of about 6 inches or 15 cm, then slice in half lengthways. One pack of softened butter to 2 fat cloves of crushed garlic (more if small) plenty of chopped parsley added, mash well together, butter the pieces liberally.
Can be frozen in pairs stuck together and unstuck once thawed. They do freeze well.
Bake butter side up in a hot oven until just golden and crispy, about 10 minutes.

I used to make it by almost-cutting crossways into lots of small slices, but the above method is much less of a faff.

Teacheranne Wed 06-Jan-21 23:18:41

Same here Witzend but minus the chopped parsley as I cannot stand it! Also quite a lot more garlic!

sharon103 Wed 06-Jan-21 23:23:12

No idea, but when I read Garlic bread my instant thought was Peter Kay. grin

Hetty58 Thu 07-Jan-21 07:31:43

Vegan version - toast thick slices, rub well on all sides with peeled garlic cloves, then spread with olive oil.

Or, make bannock with added garlic granules.

Urmstongran Thu 07-Jan-21 07:38:19

Not sure - I’ll read the packet on mine next time I buy it.
(Goes off muttering β€˜life’s too short’).

EllanVannin Thu 07-Jan-21 09:29:12

Me too Sharon grin

Spinnaker Thu 07-Jan-21 09:36:47

I make an Irish soda bread with a strong mature cheddar and dried onion added. Leave to cool completely then slice and spread with homemade garlic butter and pop under the grill. Scrumptious !!

Jaxjacky Thu 07-Jan-21 09:37:33

Urmstongran me too...

Puzzler61 Thu 07-Jan-21 10:03:34

The β€œfaff” way, cross slits, butter and minced fresh garlic.
Wrap in foil and bake for 10 mins, open foil to brown the top for a few more mins.

Puzzler61 Thu 07-Jan-21 10:04:14

Spinnaker yours is mouthwatering πŸ˜‹

Liz46 Thu 07-Jan-21 10:09:06

Spinnaker, just pop your address on and we'll all come round!

SpringyChicken Thu 07-Jan-21 10:20:46

I mash soft butter and garlic puree together, slit the baguette into slices almost all the way through and spread the mixture (generously). The puree is readily available at most supermarkets.

Spinnaker Thu 07-Jan-21 15:18:05

Thanks Puzzler and Liz. I only ever make soda bread as it doesn't contain yeast, which I am allergic to. Its so easy to do and from start to putting a loaf on the table it takes approximately 50 mins. You can create lots of variations too - sweet breads or savoury, they are all sublime smile

JackyB Sat 09-Jan-21 08:06:35

Crumbs (!) it never occurred to me that this required a recipe. Like buttered toast or boiled eggs. However having read the vatious ideas, I realise that the "faff" way which I have always done is tather impractical and messy to eat.

In future I will slice baguettes diagonally, spread with garlic butter and pop them in the oven on an oven tray. They should come out crispy, not so greasy and much easier to handle.

M0nica Sat 09-Jan-21 08:22:34

I roast the garlic first so that it is soft and creamy before mixing it with the butter.

Oldbutstilluseful Sat 09-Jan-21 08:32:17

I take it you don’t stuff mushrooms Urms πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

gmarie Sat 09-Jan-21 08:33:37

Living solo I'd have to say the quickest one! grin I LOVE garlic bread. I often toast a couple of slices of French bread and slather them with butter and loads of garlic to eat along with a bowl of my potato/pea/garbanzo bean or tomato soup.