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Soup maker

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Jane10 Sat 09-Jan-21 13:55:44

Do you need a recipe book? I have the same soup maker and just use what's at hand. I use up vegetables and have a supply of lentils/ broth mix etc. Odd bits of chicken etc are added if they need to be used up. I just chuck it all in, add stock and water up to the line, select smooth or chunky and Bob's my uncle. 21 mins later for smooth or 28 mins for chunky. Best kitchen gadget I've ever bought.
I'm sure your DH will enjoy experimenting with different ingredients and flavours.

Graygirl Sat 09-Jan-21 13:27:03

Just taken delivery of the 1 litre Morphy Richards with the sautè function. Any one know of recipe book that caters for this size not for me but DH trying to get him to do more in kitchen. If he has to keep remembering to cut ingredients down won't work. If I have to copy it all out for him won't help me. He's ok with slow cooker as always batch cook in this.