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Cake mix debacle!

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Witzend Sun 17-Jan-21 15:49:43

The other day I found a recipe for apple cake give to me by a Swedish friend some years ago - I’d thought it lost and had never made this particular one before.

It’s dead easy, butter melted and everything just mixed together, sliced apples on top - but I’d forgotten that the only large cake tins I now have are the loose bottomed ones. So of course the very runny mix started leaking out before I’d put it in the oven.
Only thing to do was stick the tin on a baking tray and hope the oven heat would seal it PDQ, which is more or less what happened, not too much lost.
Was delish though - made it yesterday and there’s hardly any left after me and dh making 🐷🐷 of ourselves.

J52 Sun 17-Jan-21 16:18:23

I always use the paper liners designed for round and loaf tins. They save all the lining faff and keep the tins clean.

merlotgran Sun 17-Jan-21 16:30:37

Jamie Oliver has a good tip for lining cake and loaf tins. Cut your piece of non stick greaseproof paper from the roll, rinse it under the cold tap then scrunch it up to squeeze out all the water. It's then very easy to line the tin. No tricky cutting or folding required.