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yeast buns

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Canarygirl1 Tue 26-Jan-21 21:17:15

please does anyone have a recipe for old fashioned yeast buns with sultanas. My grandmother used to make them in her black bodley but of course I didnt ask for the recipe then and too late now! All I can find on the internet are for sweet rolls or hot cross buns which are nothing like them

SpringyChicken Tue 26-Jan-21 21:49:10

Is this any good?

Canarygirl1 Tue 26-Jan-21 22:01:14

thank you I had found that recipe and tried it, they are very nice but not like the ones both husband and I remember from childhood. Why didnt we think to ask for the recipe at the time!

Fennel Wed 27-Jan-21 17:21:39

On BBC1 currently there's a repeat of the Hairy Biker's series based on bread baking in va

Fennel Wed 27-Jan-21 17:23:05

sorry missed off "bread baking in various european countries."