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PollyDolly Wed 27-Jan-21 15:11:53

I'm considering buying a George Foreman - other brands are available I know - and wanted some advice. I would prefer one with removeable plates and adjustable heat control. After looking online I'm totally bamboozelled by the massive choice!

Do any GNetters have one and what's your opinion on them please?

tanith Wed 27-Jan-21 15:28:26

I have a very basic George Foreman I use it a lot for chops, sausages, steak etc, i find it easy to clean usually a wipe down the nonstick plates with kitchen roll. I don’t know anything about the more complicated ones though sorry.

Redhead56 Wed 27-Jan-21 16:07:19

Small George Forman and Large George Forman brilliant and easy to clean.

PollyDolly Wed 27-Jan-21 16:19:19


Small George Forman and Large George Forman brilliant and easy to clean.

Do either have adjustable heat control please?

tanith Wed 27-Jan-21 16:35:48

Mine doesn’t have it but I’ve not really needed it to be honest.

cornishpatsy Wed 27-Jan-21 16:41:20

Defiantly the one with removable plates. The cleaning of the one without used to put me off using it.

Doodledog Wed 27-Jan-21 16:46:02

I have two - one for our caravan and the other for the house, and they get used a lot. The home one has adjustable control, and it is a boon. Things like sausages can't be properly cooked on high, as the outsides would burn before the inside was cooked. When I bought the other one, there didn't seem to be any with adjustable controls in the small size, but I wish I had hung out for one.

I did once have one with removable plates, and didn't like them - they rusted in the dishwasher, and were difficult to clean in the sink. I just wipe mine down with kitchen roll when warm, and keep wiping until the paper stays clean.

Franbern Wed 03-Feb-21 19:24:14

Yep, along with others - a small George Foreman. When I moved into my flat I decided to do away with a large oven and purchased a good combi microwave . Found in this all worked well except grill. So bought this little George Foreman for sausages, chops, burgers, etc.. Works brilliantly and quickly as both sides are done at the same time. No need to have different heats. I put the food items in, close it, and within a few minutes can take them out. I then wipe down top and bottom with re-usable bamboo kitchen towel (the type that goes into the washing machine), and it is kept pristine clean very easily. Would do a toasted sandwich, but does not do cheese on toast.

welbeck Wed 03-Feb-21 19:32:41

Lidl had one a few weeks ago.
you might still find one there in larger branches.

johnbetts Tue 08-Jun-21 08:12:10

The large George Foreman grill is reliable, excellent and easy to use.

Niobe Tue 08-Jun-21 17:02:41

Many years ago I bought a Tefal one which had removable plates and a little drawer to catch the drips as it was not slanted as the GF grills are. You could also fold the lid right back so you had twice the area for grilling but one sided if you see what I mean. Don’t know if they are still made but try Googling it.

Niobe Tue 08-Jun-21 17:07:32

Try this one , expensive but very like my cheaper Tefal one .

BeverleyJB Tue 08-Jun-21 17:13:34

We have a Cuisinart grill - variable temperature, ribbed and flat sides to the plates and can open out flat to be used as a griddle.
Absolute must IMHO to have removeable plates for cleaning (although most need to be washed by hand as dishwasher cleaning is too harsh.)

Ours has lasted for years.

papajhons Wed 09-Jun-21 09:16:57

I have a very essential George foreman I chop sausages, steaks, etc. With a kitchen roll, I find it smooth to easy generally wipe down the nonstick plates. I don't realize anything about the extra complicated ones even though

Westcoaster Wed 09-Jun-21 11:15:47

I bought a Ninja Foodi Grill just before Christmas last year and it's just brilliant. I use it almost every day. It's a grill but can also be used to air-fry, bake and roast.
Very easily cleaned.
It's quite big of course, but worth every inch of counter space!

Lillie Wed 09-Jun-21 11:42:05

what good recommendations and tips
i had never considered one might do now.

papajhons Tue 22-Jun-21 09:19:46

Message deleted by Gransnet. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Redhead56 Tue 22-Jun-21 09:33:32

No heat control as such with the George Forman grills. They reach a certain temperature and stay at that temperature no burning food. Fat drips in to the tray and the grill is easy to clean.

henetha Tue 22-Jun-21 10:34:11

The grill on my oven is broken. I can't really afford a new oven at the moment, but I do miss being able to grill things like cheese on toast. Would the GF grill enable me to do that?
If not, any ideas please?

JaneJudge Tue 22-Jun-21 11:35:20

I bought a George Foreman befpre my children were born and some are in their 20s now and it is still working well! It doesn't have removable plates but the non stick is still working smile I must admit we used it as a sandwich press more than anything these days!

timetogo2016 Sat 26-Jun-21 13:03:05

Good lord papajhons what on earth did you write in response to the post that it`s had to be deleted by GNHQ.
I`m just curious.

We have a George Forman and we love it,we also have an Air Fryer which is fabulous.

sodapop Sat 26-Jun-21 15:56:26

I wondered that as well timetogo ???

Mapleleaf Sat 26-Jun-21 16:08:30

I’m happy with mine - a small one (enough for two) and a larger one (serves 4). The smaller one has adjustable heat control. The older, larger model does not (though I’ve never found it to be a problem, to be honest). Neither have removable plates, but are really easy to wipe down whilst warm (allow to cool a bit, though), so haven’t found cleaning an issue with them. I think if you didn’t give them a wipe to get most of the residue off whilst warm, then cleaning might be a bit more difficult, as baked on food always is tricky to clean. Both are George Foreman models.