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Help, I've lost my recipe

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kittylester Wed 10-Feb-21 16:18:53

for spaghetti with smoked salmon. I know it had mushrooms, lemon, parsley and cream (I also added a bit of nutmeg) but have I missed anything?

Gagagran Wed 10-Feb-21 16:42:48

Black pepper?

Dibbydod Wed 10-Feb-21 16:49:54

Look it up on Google

Redhead56 Wed 10-Feb-21 17:10:05

Jamie Oliver does a recipe with lemon juice and creme fraiche.

kittylester Wed 10-Feb-21 17:57:32

Dibbydod, I tried that first!!

It's not that one Redhead.

It was lovely but I appear to have ditched it! blush

JackyB Wed 10-Feb-21 19:28:02

Go easy on the seasoning because smoked salmon seems to get saltier when heated.