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Left over roast pork ideas?

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Sophiasnana Sat 27-Feb-21 21:50:13

Roast pork loin tomorrow, but we always have loads left over! Any simple tasty recipes for Monday dinner using the leftovers?

M0nica Sat 27-Feb-21 21:56:10

Stir fry, sliced and fried in a stroganov, paprika sauce, or with mushrooms and cream.

That is just for starters.

Scribbles Sat 27-Feb-21 22:06:24

I love cold roast pork, sliced thinly and served with a jacket potato and an assortment of salads.

Pantglas2 Sat 27-Feb-21 22:08:50

A la creme and served on a bed of pasta or basmati rice.

Welshwife Sat 27-Feb-21 22:15:00

I often make sweet and sour sauce for the left overs and serve with rice.

kittylester Sun 28-Feb-21 08:47:10

What scribbles said but we have fried potatoes with onions.

Witzend Sun 28-Feb-21 08:51:43

We have some left from last night, will probably have it with baked potatoes and salad.

But there might well be enough left to chop small and stir fry with a load of veg, ginger and chilli, and one of those packet sauces. With noodles.

JackyB Sun 28-Feb-21 11:57:02

I'm planning on doing one next weekend. My mother always served the remainders of the roast cold on Mondays with chips or mashed potatoes. Egg and chips if there was no meat left over.

Depending on how much is left over, you could just make cold meat and pickle sandwiches. drool

Missfoodlove Sun 28-Feb-21 12:29:51

I make bbq sauce and place in a casserole dish for 1/2 hours low and slow.
Then enjoy pulled pork in brioche buns and homemade slaw.