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Ingredients for new recipes

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dahlia Thu 25-Mar-21 20:04:49

I needed Taleggio cheese for a new recipe, but didn't know what it was and it was unavailable locally. Went on line for more information and found below the initial descriptions suggestions for easier alternatives. For example, used Somerset brie instead of Taleggio, and then looked up those fancy breadcrumbs (Panko?) and the suggestion came back to use crushed cornflakes. A win-win solution, tasted good and was a whole lot cheaper, too. ! flowers

M0nica Thu 25-Mar-21 20:13:18

I regularly look at recipes and some of the arcane/expensive ingredients and make my own replacements.

Apart from anything else, who wants a kitchen cupboard full of jars of stuff you have used once, in one recipe and then didn't enjoy enough to do again

JulieNoted Thu 25-Mar-21 20:29:45

I'm actually fed up with all the recipes with Panko breadcrumbs. It's a fad - no-one these days would dare to write a recipe using just plain old dried breadcrumbs which, in fact, almost always do the job perfectly well.

Nanna58 Thu 25-Mar-21 20:35:41

No sorry , plain old dried breadcrumbs do not ‘cut the mustard ‘ compared to Panko !!