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grannyrebel7 Sat 27-Mar-21 17:42:19

Can someone please tell me how to make this? Mine always turn out sloppy 🙄

Returnofthemc Sat 27-Mar-21 17:49:37

I cook my bolognaise slowly for around three hours
I assemble lasagne and cook at 180° for around an hour
When it's ready to come out, I cover it with foil to stand on the table for around fifteen minutes, which seems to 'set' it

GrannyGravy13 Sat 27-Mar-21 17:51:55

Make a ragu sauce as you would for a spaghetti bolognaise, make a béchamel sauce (I add a small grating of nutmeg and a bay leaf, remove bay leaf before assembly). Try and get lasagne sheets that need no pre-cooking.

Assemble 1 layer of ragu, followed by béchamel sauce then pasta sheets, repeat three times finish with a layer of béchamel and grated Parmesan cheese, should take anywhere between 40 -60 minutes on 180 depending on size.

jusnoneed Sat 27-Mar-21 18:25:45

I made one today, yummy tea!

You have to make sure your meat sauce is fairly thick before you assemble, I cook mine slowly for about an hour so that most of the liquid simmers off. I only put the white sauce on the top and not between layers, so meat sauce/pasta (I use dried, straight from the packet) three times and finish with thin layer of meat. Then layer of white sauce topped with grated cheese. Bake G5 for about 45 mins.

foxie48 Sat 27-Mar-21 19:38:08

I like to cook mine and leave it to cool then reheat and it's never sloppy.

Harris27 Sat 27-Mar-21 19:48:42

Just had mine ten minutes ago! Make a ragu sauce cook your mince add some onions and some mushrooms or peppers. Cook slowly for about half an hour the. Start layering up with lasagne sheets then sauce then white bechamel sauce repeat top with a cheese sauce and a good grating of cheddar or Parmesan. It’s lovely.

Polarbear2 Sat 27-Mar-21 19:51:02

I like it sloppy! I don’t get on with firm lasagne. Sloppy so it mixes with the salad and chips and ...yum.

Deedaa Sat 27-Mar-21 20:00:04

I make my ragu fairly thick and I make my own lasagne. Once I've rolled the pasta out I cook it for a minute in boiling water. In this country we tend to use too much sauce. Italians prefer more layers of lasagne and less sauce. I cheat and top it with a jar of Dolmio white sauce because I like the taste. I find half an hour in the oven is usually plenty.

grannyrebel7 Mon 29-Mar-21 08:39:44

Thank you all for taking the time to give me the benefit of your lasagne tips. I think I'll try leaving it for a bit to let it set before serving next time.

polyester57 Mon 29-Mar-21 19:06:20

I don´t bother cooking the pasta sheets beforehand, I just put them in dry, they cook in the sauce anyway.

Mapleleaf Thu 01-Apr-21 15:35:07

If the meat sauce looks a little bit too sloppy when I am making lasagne, I add a little flour to thicken it up a little, which helps, I find.

timetogo2016 Fri 02-Apr-21 13:25:25

The same as Harris27.
MMMMM that`s Mondays dinner sorted.

Itsawelshthing Wed 05-May-21 22:39:18

I fry off the mince, onions and garlic so that the fat is drained, then I pop it into the slow cooker with a can of chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, oregano, basil, salt, pepper, sugar, a couple of stock cubes and then leave it to cook on low for about 10 hours. Meanwhile I home make my bechemal sauce using flour, milk, butter, pepper, nutmeg and plenty of cheese, layer it up then pop into oven for about 40min on 180c.

Callistemon Wed 05-May-21 22:57:52


I like it sloppy! I don’t get on with firm lasagne. Sloppy so it mixes with the salad and chips and ...yum.

Mine is always sloppy too. I apologise but everyone says they like it sloppy.

Chips? shock grin

Mop it up with garlic bread!

Callistemon Wed 05-May-21 23:01:33

I watched Mary Berry make an aubergine vegetarian lasagne and she didn't even cook the tomato sauce first, just mixed the ingredients in a jug and poured it in, just blobbing the cheese sauce in too.

muse Wed 05-May-21 23:22:57

Thank you Callistemon. We love aubergines and like to mop up with garlic bread. Lots of it.

Recipe saved.

Callistemon Wed 05-May-21 23:24:43

I haven't tried it yet but I will.

Doodle Wed 05-May-21 23:42:02

If you want quick and easy non sloppy lasagne the cheats way, this is it.

Brown packet of mince in saucepan, add large jar of Dolmio Bolognese sauce and heat through till sauce is hot (few minutes). Grease a large square Pyrex dish and spread 3 large spoons of bolognese sauce in the bottom and then lay three sheets of lasagne (no pre cook) pasta (straight from the packet) on top. Follow with 3 spoons of Dolmio lasagne sauce and repeat for second and third layers. Finish with layer of lasagne sauce. Spread a layer of grated cheddar cheese on top of the lasagne and bake uncovered at 180 fan oven for 40 minutes. Cool and put in fridge to eat the following day. Made perfectly as DH loves it. 😀

Omaoma57 Sun 09-May-21 11:16:36

Like you grannyrebel17, i dislike sloppy lasagne so i leave out the bechemel sauce and just use cheeses...dollops of cream, slices, grated, mozzy and blue...the family call it five cheese a lot of the others I too cook my ragu sauce for a long time so that it thickens and reduces ...I no longer use pasta sheets but cabbage leaves or courgette sheets or sweet potato

farview Tue 06-Jul-21 14:16:22

Does anyone have a nice recipe for vegetarian lasagna?...

Witzend Tue 06-Jul-21 14:28:09

I have a v good vegan one, farview, which turned out very well. The bulk of the main sauce is a lot of mushrooms, sautéed in a little soy sauce until the water comes out.

It’s too long to post here but if you google ‘The Easiest Vegan Lasagna’ it should come up.
Since there were going to be vegans present I used oat milk and vegan spread for the sauce, and M&S vegan grated cheese on top, but you could use the dairy equivalents.

It wasn’t in the recipe, but I also added spinach to the layers.
It went down very well, including with a very carnivorous dd!

farview Tue 06-Jul-21 17:54:39

Thank you Witzend that sounds brilliant 😋

LauraNorder Tue 06-Jul-21 18:56:51

I do mine exactly like you Doodle except I add a pack of frozen Mediterranean veg to the mince.
Very tasty. Usually do a big batch so I can freeze some.

Itsawelshthing Wed 21-Jul-21 12:16:45

I am lazy with lasagna I just use a Bolognese jar, but I add onions, garlic and a stock cube, simmer until it thickens then I leave to cool before I layer it. I use bisto cheese sauce instead of white sauce.

PinkCosmos Fri 30-Jul-21 15:01:35


I like to cook mine and leave it to cool then reheat and it's never sloppy.

This is what I do.

If we have it straight from the first cooking it tends to be sloppy but firms up with standing.