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Rick Stein's 'at home' delivery service- it's a 5star from me

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mamaa Mon 26-Apr-21 10:39:09

Just to say, if you get the chance to either be given one as a gift or wanting to celebrate or do something special/different then have a look at the Rick Stein at Home website- link below.
My brother bought us a 3 course meal, with wine, ( we chose the detail) for our recent ruby wedding anniversary.
The wine arrived the day before the meal, which arrived on the day required- well packaged in a cool bag with ice packs.
The food ( generous portions too) was top restaurant quality, as expected, and the only downside was that (depending on what you order I suppose) there was a bit of prep and cooking to be done-so if you can get someone to come in and do that for you, wait on as well, then small problem solved.
We had the Coq au Reisling menu and it came in at around £70 but that included 2 bottles of Picpoul de Pinet wine, which we love but iis hard to get it around here so thought we'd let brother splash out wink. Had we gone 'out-out ( remember doing that?) we'd have paid that with pre-dinner drinks and taxis to restaurant and back.
I'll post the link to the web page too. We'll definitely use them again.

Redhead56 Mon 26-Apr-21 11:06:12

Yes I have been on this website looked at all the meal boxes available. Separately looked at the recipes too thinking about it for our special anniversary this year. Trying to decide which meal to order big decisions glad you enjoyed it!

Redhead56 Mon 26-Apr-21 12:11:44

If you go on Steins at home you can see the recipes being prepared by Jack Stein.

Ellianne Mon 26-Apr-21 12:51:22

They do look nice, I am often tempted but haven't yet tried them.
We are off to Padstow next month. The Rick Stein shop there is amazing, we haven't been to the restaurant.
The price you quote for the meal sounds reasonable including the wine.
It would be fish all the way for me.

Aveline Mon 26-Apr-21 14:24:51

These delivery services have really flourished during lockdown. We've only had 3 all from different places but all very good and a real treat.
We had a Burns Supper, a Sunday Brunch and an Afternoon Tea so far. All seemed good value but not cheap. Fair enough though. It was enterprising for these restaurants to change their way of working and try to keep going.

YorkLady Mon 26-Apr-21 14:30:24

We have had the Steak meal and the hake boxes. They are very generous portions and fantastic quality. Cooking details are on the site too, though there is very little to do. A real treat 😀

muse Mon 26-Apr-21 15:05:05

Thank you. Had a look as I love fish. Will definitely try those menus.

Ellainne We live near Padstow but are not overly impressed with the restaurant there. There are others really worth a try such as Paul Ainworth's No.6.

Ellianne Mon 26-Apr-21 15:18:57

Thank you for that muse. I'll take a look.
I'm hoping we can dine in on mussels, oysters and bbqs but might need a restaurant for the last night to save clearing up.

Kate1949 Mon 26-Apr-21 18:47:59

Our daughter bought one for her dad's birthday. It was fantastic. We had salmon and mackerel pate, salad with dressing, a big chunk of sourdough bread. Then rib eye steak, peppercorn sauce, potatoes in a sort of garlic butter, kale and sticky toffee pudding with clotted cream and a bottle of wine. Very generous portions. Very little prep. There was some left for the next day. Highly recommended.

Patsy70 Sat 01-May-21 17:22:48

We’ve had the Rick Stein at home feast - scallops starter, lobster main course and chocolate parfait dessert. We wanted to sample it before ordering as a gift for our daughter. It was delicious and I’d heartily recommend it.

Ellianne Sat 01-May-21 17:26:31

My DD says the asparagus in the turbot meal is to die for. So young and fresh.

Jaxjacky Sat 01-May-21 17:48:16

I do wish sometimes Mr J liked fish other than in batter!