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Duck eggs

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grannyrebel7 Thu 13-May-21 21:12:37

Anyone had these and what are they like? Don't think I've ever had one. Just watched Kate Humble make a poached one on a crumpet and it looked really nice. Do supermarkets sell them?

Loislovesstewie Thu 13-May-21 21:18:11

Oh yes we have these. They are lovely and are always free-range;ducks won't lay unless they can run around outside. You can buy them in Waitrose and some branches of Tesco.

Blossoming Thu 13-May-21 21:18:30

They’re lovely. I don’t know if supermarkets sell them, we get them from a market.

Shelflife Thu 13-May-21 21:24:34

My local farm sells them at the road side - honesty box provided. They have large yolks. I use them like hen eggs . Scrambling , frying , poaching , baking. Try them , done supermarkets sell them .

NotSpaghetti Thu 13-May-21 21:27:20

They are much stronger tasting than a hen's egg.
They make great cakes.

Fennel Thu 13-May-21 21:27:42

We had ducks at one time and their whites are better than those of hens for meringue.
For other purposes they're more "meaty" than hen's.

Casdon Thu 13-May-21 23:00:21

I always think they taste a bit of iron, if that makes sense? I do prefer hens eggs, but duck eggs are okay for cooking, they are nice in a quiche or Spanish omelette.

muffinthemoo Thu 13-May-21 23:00:42

I looooove them on toast. They also make amazing bread and baked goods.

Scribbles Thu 13-May-21 23:05:04

I love a duck egg omelette.
However, you do need to make sure duck eggs are properly cooked - no soft boiled yolks or you may end up with a nasty bout of salmonella poisoning. (Been there, done that. It wasn't pleasant).

Redhead56 Thu 13-May-21 23:13:31

I buy them from the farm shop we like them the white is not as heavy as hens eggs.

Callistemon Fri 14-May-21 00:01:43

I saw her cooking and eating the duck egg too (soft poached, Scribbles) and, although it looked lovely, I've always found them rather strong.
DH likes them, though.

I ate a cake made with peahen's eggs once - that was very rich.

timetogo2016 Sat 15-May-21 10:03:27

I had one once,too strong for me,never again.

Artaylar Sat 15-May-21 17:47:13

I tried some a few years ago. While they looked great, I found I just couldnt get on with them and that they were much too rich for my little tum.

Nannytopsy Sat 15-May-21 17:51:58

We get them regularly from DS. I use them for baking as I find them a bit too eggy!