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Outdoor Net Food Covers.

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Calendargirl Sun 16-May-21 14:12:42

Have been looking online for these, but not much luck. Years ago, when visiting DD in Australia, I brought home one of these. I sell tomatoes at the gate in summer, and find it great to cover them to stop little insects landing in the tomatoes.

They look easy to make, just a big square of net, with a cotton strip around the sides and weights in each corner. However, I am a useless sewer.

Will probably ask DD to send me a couple over, they are sold in the supermarkets there. Surprised they don’t seem more available over here.

Mamardoit Sun 16-May-21 14:27:17

Lakeland do pop up food covers.

H1954 Sun 16-May-21 14:33:35

Do you have any of the wire coat hangers lying around? Maybe fasten two together and cover with some net curtaining??

glammanana Sun 16-May-21 14:42:03

Calendargirl Have you looked on Ebay they have outdoor picnic table tents from £2.99 for 6 all differant sizes they are not expensive and nice to look at too.

Jaxjacky Sun 16-May-21 15:09:48

Onarway food covering tents 17” x 6 for £10.69.

PippaZ Sun 16-May-21 15:18:15

If you do want to make one yourself

lemongrove Sun 16-May-21 15:27:02

I have about four of those food covers, they were bought at cheap shops ( bargain type shops).

Jaxjacky Sun 16-May-21 16:25:13

Oops forgot to say Calendargirl Amazon.

Oldbat1 Sun 16-May-21 17:33:30

Lidl and aldi often have them. Yorkshire Trading, Wilkinson’s, B&M, pound shops. I have a few of different sizes. Very useful.

Witzend Mon 17-May-21 13:04:45

We were given a different sort of outdoor food cover as a wedding present - from a notoriously tight relative by marriage of my MiL.

It consisted of what looked like an enormous headscarf in very cheap synthetic material, printed with a vast, garish map of New Zealand with little inscriptions such as ‘Here be dragons/Kiwis, etc.’

Very bemused, I asked Mil what on earth it was for.
‘Apparently it’s a tea shower’, she said, straight-faced. ‘For keeping flies off your tea things.’

We both had a really good laugh about it.

Greyduster Mon 17-May-21 13:17:55

As oldbat says, look out for them in Aldi and Lidl. I have several in different sizes and they are invaluable, both indoors and out.

Ellianne Mon 17-May-21 14:43:48

Waitrose usually sell them in the seasonal aisle when the barbecue stuff comes out. Look where they have plastic plates, tumblers, serviettes etc.

Calendargirl Mon 17-May-21 14:50:05

Thanks for all your suggestions.

Will follow them up.