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Easy fruit cake recipe please

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farview Sun 20-Jun-21 12:00:41

Has anyone got one...I do a five cup fruit loaf but it's very heavy...just a nice ,easy fruit cake recipe needed ?

greenlady102 Sun 20-Jun-21 12:15:12

This was my this years christmas cake. I decorated it with dried and glace fruit then glazed it with sieved apricot jam for posh but its just as nice plain. In fact it was so good that we ate the first one over two days and I made another!
As you can see I used whisky instead of vokda. If you don't like alcohol then use cold black tea but iof you do you will need to keep the soaking fruit in the fridge and limit soaking time. 3 days should do it... I also twiddled around with the fruit as I don't like sultanas...put in what you like so long as the weight is more or less the same. If you want a lower sugar version, put in more dried fruit and less glace. You can also add mixed spices...ground cinnamon....nutmeg....ground ginger its up to you.

"This year I am going to bake a cake. I have got the fruit soaking in canadian whisky. Every day I give it a stir then lick the spatula before putting it in the dishwasher..... cooks perks.... some days it needs stirring more than once

White Christmas Cake
350g dried apricots
200g glace cherries
200g sultanas
125g mixed peel
100g glace ginger
45ml vodka
250ml butter
250g caster sugar
5 eggs
300g SR flour
1 lemon zest
Soak things above vodka in vodka
Beat butter … add sugar … beat more until pale and fluffy
Add beaten eggs … beat more
Fold in flour with metal spoon
Add lemon zest to boozy fruit and mix
Add to cake mix
Spoon into 9" tin and add spoon hollow to centre
Oven … 30 min at gas mark 4
Cover with lid of foil and reduce to gas mark 2
Cook 60 to 75 mins
Cook 1 hour in tin then move to wire rack

shysal Sun 20-Jun-21 13:09:39

I made this 3 ingredient fruit cake for my GS. It was delicious! There are many variations of this recipe, for example with tea or fruit juice. I used hazelnut chocolate (Nutella) flavoured milk.

ixion Sun 20-Jun-21 13:16:56

Try the 'Gransnet recipe finder' on the right of the page under Latest.

It's a fantastic collection of all sorts of tried and tested family recipes and a never-ending source of good ideas!

Highly recommended?

Birdwatcher4 Sun 20-Jun-21 13:37:03

This is my go to fruit Tea Bread sometimes I use mixed fruit in place of sultans and cherries in place of mixed peel either are fine .

Birdwatcher4 Sun 20-Jun-21 13:38:31

The recipe .

marshmarigold132 Sun 20-Jun-21 13:50:42

Easiest one I found was this one from a National Trust book.

All in one Fruit Cake

8oz S.R flour
4oz Soft margarine. Preheat oven gas 3 electric 160
4 oz Caster sugar
6 oz Dried fruit
2 oz cherries
2 eggs
4 tablespoons milk

Grease and line 8in cake tin. Place all ingredients into large bowl and mix together until well combined. Spoon into tin and level it out. Bake for 1 to 1 and a half hours, let cake cool in tin before taking it out.

Teacheranne Sun 20-Jun-21 18:45:23


I made this 3 ingredient fruit cake for my GS. It was delicious! There are many variations of this recipe, for example with tea or fruit juice. I used hazelnut chocolate (Nutella) flavoured milk.

I have just made this recipe today using orange juice but it resembles a brick more than a cake! I used an Australian recipe so wonder if I made a mistake in converting their cups to grams, 1kg of dried fruit seemed a lot. It’s cooling now so I haven’t tasted it yet, it might be alright!

JackyB Mon 21-Jun-21 04:56:40

That looks like a barm rack recipe, birdwatcher4

jusnoneed Mon 21-Jun-21 08:04:54

I make a simple recipe, similar to the one marshmarigold put on.
8ozs SR Flour
4 ozs Margarine
4 ozs Caster Sugar
Handful of raisins or mixed fruit (I just put in what i think looks enough)
half teasp Mixed spice
2 eggs
1 or 2 tblsp milk (depends on size of eggs, just add enough to just loosen mix a bit)

Rub flour and marg together, add sugar/fruit/mixed spice and then the eggs and milk. Give it all a good mix.
I bake mine in a loaf tin but you could also use a round tin.
Gas 5 for about 45 mins.

travelsafar Mon 21-Jun-21 08:13:11

I am hooked on Bara Brith, a Welsh fruit loaf at the moment. I saw Kate Humble make it on her farming program so if you want to try just google her for the receipe. Its so easy and I use half quantities as that is ideal for me. Delious spread with butter.