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Burnt toast

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grannyrebel7 Mon 27-Sep-21 21:57:51

In coffee #1 I was served a panini so burnt that I sent it back and had a refund. A few weeks ago DH had beans on toast in Tesco's café and you've guessed it the toast was burnt! On holiday last week we had sourdough toast which cost £3.20 plus 70p for marmalade I hasten to add, which was rock hard and burnt around the edges. But the worst of all we had a family lunch in a posh pub and my DIL was given a toasted sandwich which was completely black on one side! Why can't people make toast anymore? It's so easy to get it right. Anyone else noticed this?

User7777 Mon 27-Sep-21 22:05:34

Any burnt food is considered carcinogenic. Ask for a refund and eat elsewhere

25Avalon Mon 27-Sep-21 22:14:43

Yes at home yesterdaygrin my toast was undercooked so I shoved it back in and left it too long, but not so long I couldn’t scrap the dark off with a knife.

Georgesgran Mon 27-Sep-21 23:07:51

My favourite garden centre doesn’t offer a toasted tea cake. When asked why, the reply was ‘because we always burn them’.

MayBee70 Mon 27-Sep-21 23:35:07

I’m sure that in Willie Rushtons book Superpig he said that burnt toast was an antidote to food poisoning because of the carbon… perhaps it’s a way of restaurants protecting themselves from accidentally poisoning people.

welbeck Mon 27-Sep-21 23:46:47

it's probably safer to ditch burnt toast and start with a new slice.
it is carcinogenic.

welbeck Mon 27-Sep-21 23:48:41

maybe all these incidents in cafes are due to lack of experienced staff, having to take on people who are not used to making toast for themselves, or anything else much.

Teacheranne Tue 28-Sep-21 01:13:20

I quite like burnt toast, also a charred sausage from a BBQ! I know it’s not good for me but it’s quite rare now that I eat burnt food so I don’t reckon the odd slice will do much harm. I really don’t like underdone toasted tea cakes, they are too doughy and luke warm in the middle - fussy aren’t I!

Whitewavemark2 Tue 28-Sep-21 01:16:48

I thought that the idea that it is carcinogenic is no longer right?

Ro60 Tue 28-Sep-21 02:27:15

My - now late bro' just 3 years ago went to a Macmillan Support group run by the hospice they were given a while talk on avoiding burnt food because it is carcinogenic.

BlueBelle Tue 28-Sep-21 05:39:42

You ve been unlucky grannyrebel I ve never been given burnt anything when I eat out it certainly would go straight back if I was
I don’t know how they can get bread so wrong toasters, even industrial ones, have graded buttons on them dont they ?

Whatdayisit Tue 28-Sep-21 06:05:43

My most hated smell is burnt toast. Yuk feel sick thinking about it.

Kim19 Tue 28-Sep-21 06:07:35

Can't understand this. Presumably staff don't understand the settings of their toaster? Crazy!

shysal Tue 28-Sep-21 08:52:48

When I was newly married and had no toaster, most mornings found the smell and sound of scraping burnt toast because I hadn't the patience to stand and watch the grill. ?

Lucca Tue 28-Sep-21 09:02:38

I can’t bear weakly toasted tea cakes, bread etc. I don’t understand when you ask for something toasted and it arrives pale and barely warm.
When my DIL burnt some toast the other day apparently my GD said “let’s post it to Granny, she likes it burnt “

Grannybags Tue 28-Sep-21 09:06:34

I love burnt toast too. I agree Lucca vaguely warm tea cakes - yuk!

M0nica Tue 28-Sep-21 09:09:46

Burnt toast, or any burnt food is only carcinogenic if you eat it regularly and substantially for several years.The odd slice of burnt toast, with the carbon scraped off, who wants it the carbon left on,anyway, will do no one any harm.

The damage is done by people eating burgers, sausages and such like which are burnt round the edges and the burnt area is full of concentrated flavour and absolutely delicious so gobbled up by the eater. possibly on a daily basis.