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Chutney jar seals

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Versavisa Tue 08-Mar-22 15:58:03

I’ve bought some preserving jars from Waitrose and instead of the orange rubber sealing rings I’m familiar with they have white silicone (?) rings.

Does anyone know how to sterilise them? Google is not helping me.

Farmor15 Tue 08-Mar-22 18:02:33

I'd suggest putting in bowl and pouring boiling water over, leaving for about 10 min before using to seal jars. That's what I do with my recycled lids when making jam. Silicone should last better than the orange rubber which perishes after a while.

Farmor15 Tue 08-Mar-22 18:04:30

I never buy jars for preserving, just keep jars from sauces, jam etc, as long as lid is in good condition.

25Avalon Tue 08-Mar-22 18:06:07

You could try Miltons

Versavisa Thu 17-Mar-22 17:19:35

Thank you everyone. I used boiling water and it seems, so far, to have done the trick.