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Best way to keep a carrot cake

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Nannarose Sat 12-Mar-22 12:47:28

Hello wise gransnetters & experienced cooks. With the usual brilliant timing of my unruly family, I am tasked with making a carrot cake for a weekend celebration.
I can really only make it on the Tuesday, or, at a push, Wednesday. So:
I could make it on Tuesday & freeze it
Make it on Wednesday and keep it
If you think it would make a difference, i could leave the icing until Saturday.

And to all of you who are sensibly going to say 'tell them you can't do it' .....this is mostly my own fault!

Thank you in advance!

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 12-Mar-22 12:51:13

Make it, freeze it before someone eats it, thaw and ice the day before.
Make 2, I’m on my way……..

Nannarose Sat 12-Mar-22 14:32:20

Thank you for your advice oopsy, but this is why I keep my location a secret......

Farmor15 Sat 12-Mar-22 15:37:30

I second making on Tuesday and freeze it, un-iced. Carrot cake freezes very well.

GrandmaSeaDragon Sat 12-Mar-22 15:44:11

I used to make carrot cakes for the local Country Market and always made them 3 days before selling day and iced the day before. They were 2lb loaf tin size, but larger cakes would be the same. Uniced carrot cakes freeze well too, so the choice is yours!

Hetty58 Sat 12-Mar-22 15:53:02

My first thought on 'best way to keep a carrot cake' - was eat it. Still, it'll freeze very well and you can defrost Friday night and ice on Saturday.

Callistemon21 Sat 12-Mar-22 15:59:25

Yes, please make three, one for Gransnetters on this thread to try out first!

ginny Sat 12-Mar-22 16:22:45

Definitely make and freeze. I use cream cheese frosting and freeze the whole thing.

Hetty58 Sat 12-Mar-22 16:32:22

I used to freeze such things (iced) to stop myself eating them - until I discovered that they're very nice frozen too!

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 12-Mar-22 19:45:50

Obviously a typo or maybe predictive text error in thread Title.

‘Keep’ should read ‘eat’. 🤗

MawtheMerrier Sat 12-Mar-22 20:37:30


Obviously a typo or maybe predictive text error in thread Title.

‘Keep’ should read ‘eat’. 🤗


Callistemon21 Sat 12-Mar-22 20:40:53

I remember making a topping for a carrot cake once and it just slid off the cake - I did follow a recipe!

However, I then read that the addition of butter is essential as well as the cream cheese, icing sugar and lemon or lime. It makes the icing firmer.

Nannarose Sat 12-Mar-22 21:08:38

Thank you all very much! I don't wish to appear ungrateful - but I'm keeping the freezer locked!

pensionpat Sat 12-Mar-22 23:17:27

The best way to keep a carrot cake is to not tell anyone you’ve got it. I freeze all my cakes, which I sell for charity.

welbeck Sun 13-Mar-22 02:10:19

hide it.
i may have misunderstood the title question.
i often hide things to delay my eating of them.
then forget that i bought it, let alone where i put it.
by the time i happen upon it, it is often too late...

teabagwoman Sun 13-Mar-22 07:40:29

I’m for freezing too. I make a three layer one and ice it when only partially thawed. I do this with most cakes as it stops crumbs getting into the icing.

Spice101 Sun 13-Mar-22 07:50:06

I don’t think you need to freeze it if made on Tuesday. I have an iced one in the fridge that has been there —or at least some has— for a week now. It is still perfectly good, so I would just keep it in the fridge until Sunday.

Nannarose Sun 13-Mar-22 09:03:54

Oh welbeck, that made me laugh!
More thanks to you all