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Gluten Free Chicken Soup

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M0nica Wed 23-Mar-22 08:25:39

Pepper stock ìn chicken soup often has gluten in it. Flour is used as a thickener.

I have been combing the internet and I cannot find a single recipe for chicken -stock that includes flour. Good chicken stock should be clear or translucent, This is impossible if there is flour in the stock. Chicken stock contains a chicken carcase or other inedible parts of the chicken, with or without veg like onions and some herbs, simmered for a very long time and strained.

This clear(ish) stock is then incorporated into a chicken soup recipe, again these recipes rarely if ever include flour. They are thickend by liquidized vegetables and/or cream.

Bought readymade soup, whether in tins, powdered, or in a carton may contain flour, but the OP is asking about home made soup. I do not think chicken stock sold as that in a supermarket contains flour as it is usually clear or translucent.

I wish the OP would come back and explain more, perhaps give us her recipe.

Witzend Tue 22-Mar-22 23:25:45

I use potato for thickening a soup - leftover mash (if there ever is any) is good, otherwise I often grate one in.

If you want it creamy, OP, how about adding a little cream?
I find milk and butter added at the end give a nice texture to my root soups (onion, potato, swede, carrot, celeriac, etc.) but it needs to be very thick in the first place or it ends up too thin - we like nice thick soups.

Dee1012 Tue 22-Mar-22 21:09:32

Thank you....I'm not a big soup maker and learning as I go!
A few attempts haven't gone well with a stronger veggie taste.
Most shop bought chicken soup contains gluten and I'm understandably cautious.

Pepper59 Tue 22-Mar-22 17:16:17

Oopsadaisy, the stock ìn chicken soup often has gluten in it. Flour is used as a thickener.

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 22-Mar-22 16:56:05

Baggs that might work, but I usually just throw in what I have in the fridge, I don’t normally buy oyster mushrooms.

Apart from tomatoes, if it’s in the fridge or on its last legs it goes into the pot.

Oops forgot the garlic!! Garlic goes in as well. Oh dear.

Squiffy Tue 22-Mar-22 15:39:20

I usually make my own soups, but bought canned chicken soup often has wheat in it. I find that I have to check every time I buy any. I've just looked online and straight away found a 'well known brand' soup contains wheat. I have no idea why it's added! If the soup needs thickening, just add potato or cornflour.

Esspee Tue 22-Mar-22 14:56:19

Even when I have made chicken stock the proper way I usually pop in a stock cube. You need to be careful as some stock cubes are not gluten free. Otherwise I can’t see how chicken soup could contain gluten.

M0nica Tue 22-Mar-22 14:35:13

Use your usual recipe but replace flour with potatoes. Cook separately until soft, mash and stir in.

I'm another puzzled about using flour, when there are so many recipes online that do not.

Try this link

Sago Tue 22-Mar-22 13:47:56

Make the stock using a chicken carcass, celery onion and carrot.
Strain and set aside.
Now sauté onion or leek, carrot,celery and a floury potato all diced with a couple of handfuls of cooked chicken.
Add the stock and gently simmer for 25 minutes.
Blend and season.
No gluten, I have never come across a soup recipe that contains flour.

Baggs Tue 22-Mar-22 12:26:05

Would using oyster mushrooms help avoid blackness, do you think, oops?

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 22-Mar-22 12:17:00

Vegetables I usually use

Sweet potatoes
Small parsnip
I mushroom, too many and it goes to black.
I might throw in some frozen peas and runner beans, half way through

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 22-Mar-22 12:14:03

What part of Chicken soup has gluten in it?

Chopped veg, raw chicken breast (2)

I leave some vegetables large especially potatoes, add water to almost cover, salt and pepper to taste, plus whatever herbs I have handy (not too many). I also add some chilli flakes as MrOops prefers it to have a bit of a kick.

Throw it all in a large saucepan, until swede is cooked (swede takes the longest time to cook)

Take out the large pieces of cooked veg and whizz up in a liquidiser ( to thicken the soup)
Take out chicken breasts and chop up
Throw it all back into pot and bring to boil
Done. Takes about 45 mins in all.
You could fry it all in butter to begin with, but I didn’t find it made any difference to the taste.

Dee1012 Tue 22-Mar-22 11:56:12

Does anyone have a recipe for Gluten free Chicken soup please?
I'm trying to find a nice, basic creamy one....the ones I've tried just haven't tasted right.