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Trying a new recipe

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Yammy Sun 08-May-22 17:56:00

We both try new recipes mine are usually more conservative than DH's and do not need all the implements in the kitchen and two dishwasher loads to clean up all the pots and pans.
My DD tells me she read that most recipes do not tell the true time they will take to prepare or cook because people would not attempt them.
We tried one for Belly pork and it might as well have been called Belly fat with a side dish of obscure expensive spiceswink

M0nica Sun 08-May-22 17:45:53

i am always collecting recipes - and trying them out. Sometimesit is a matter of taste.

I am always fairly slapdash in following instructions, and will cut out or add ingredients to suit. Most work out

kissngate Sun 08-May-22 17:22:26

You have my sympathy, I followed one off the Internet for pork collar and it was just the same

kittylester Sun 08-May-22 17:15:10

And anticipation!! grin

SachaMac Sun 08-May-22 17:12:52

You’d hope they would try them out. It’s very disappointing when you follow a recipe and it doesn’t turn out, such a waste of time and good food too.

Blossoming Sun 08-May-22 17:06:56

In the ‘olden days’ magazines had a cookery editor, recipes were tried out and photographed. I don’t know if this is still the case.

kittylester Sun 08-May-22 16:10:28

Well, the recipe went in the bin. Not so much -hey ho, as heave ho!!

Baggs Sun 08-May-22 16:01:27

It probably depends a bit on the magazine, kitty. Also, on different cookers behaving differently, iyswim. Hey ho moment?

kittylester Sun 08-May-22 15:59:33

Do magazines rather print new recipes really try them out?

I have just done a belly pork recipe from a magazine and, despite following the recipe, it was dry and inedible.