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Microwave carrots

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Alverstone25 Sun 25-Dec-22 12:49:01

Thinking of doing this today instead of roasting ( no room in oven) anyone done this before? can I drizzle honey?

Aldom Sun 25-Dec-22 12:51:35

I often microwave carrots. Add butter and honey after draining. Reheat on a lower temperature. Best wishes. smile

J52 Sun 25-Dec-22 12:54:55

I always microwave them, cut into battons with a little water.

Alverstone25 Sun 25-Dec-22 13:27:49

Great... thank you
Will do this from now on

hilz Wed 15-Feb-23 15:11:06

I have a plastic steamer I use. Pop them in microwave with a little water. Never cook them for long just long enough to steam for maybe a minute, drizzle on the honey and stir then leave covered to carry on cooking and brown under grill in a heat proof dish if you like them browned a little.