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Soup maker thoughts please

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Noola Fri 30-Dec-22 15:47:59

I often find I have too many vegetables. I don't want to waste them though.

Do you have experience of a soup maker?

I live alone and so am wondering if it would be good to use one, but fear it may be just another gadget.

I'd be grateful for advice and thoughts, please.

MayBee70 Sun 01-Jan-23 14:59:12


Daisymae - thamk you. Don't mushrooms have a problem with just being boiled rather than sweated?

And is there a method for putting veg in without coming back to it if you are using the sautéing thing?

As a regular soup-maker I'd like to be able to just walk away. It would be the time-saving hands-off thing I'd like.

What do others think about not sweating mushrooms and letting onion become translucent (or caramelised)?

Also, (thinking for my daughter) wonder if they are big enough for a family?

I always cook mushrooms or onions in the microwave and add them to soup ready cooked. Freeze some of the mushrooms.I’ll cook up quite a lot to add to various things including soups. And always add cheese after the soup has been made. Do everything I can to avoid anything sticking to the bottom of the soup maker.

NotSpaghetti Sun 01-Jan-23 20:00:04

Thank you all.
Will perhaps look at the larger ones then... If you are feeding 5 (including two teenagers) I think that would be best!
I had never considered a soup maker and always have decent stock in the freezer.

Noola Tue 03-Jan-23 16:18:24

I am really SO grateful for your help here.

I HAVE bought one now and am determined to keep using it.
First go lacked flavour but was good and think with nice bread.

MayBee70 Tue 03-Jan-23 16:33:11

Might not be to everyone’s taste but I fry whole meal bread in olive oil and garlic purée to make croutons to add to my soup. Jamie Oliver did something similar on tv a few years ago. I’ve got to clear out my freezer so I’m going to be throwing all sorts of stuff in my soup maker over the next few weeks. And I’ve got loads of red lentils from my pandemic stock pile( while other people were buying loo roll I was buying lentils and dried soup mix). I tend to add a few dried chives to my soup when it’s cooked also. I went through my herb and stock cupboard the other night. Some stock is way out of date but I reckon it will still be ok. I do have frozen stock in my freezer that’s old but I think that needs to go.

LadyGracie Tue 03-Jan-23 16:43:24

I never cook my mushrooms first, I just cut them up with onion, 2 or 3 cloves of garlic, a couple of potatoes, fill up to maximum level, add salt and pepper and a vegetable stock cube. A swirl of cream when served makes a nice touch.

MayBee70 Tue 03-Jan-23 17:15:09

I’ve also used more celery since I bought a soup maker. Something I never used before but wouldn’t be without. Celery soup is my all time favourite.

ixion Tue 03-Jan-23 17:16:44

Aha Noola, I have been following this with interest and note that you have finally gone ahead with buying one!
It has raised and answered so many questions that I had - can you tell me, please, what make you chose or where you got yours from?

Noola Wed 04-Jan-23 23:15:30

Ixion - yes I got one and am pleased.

I checked out Which? and got one they suggested.
'Daewoo 1.6L Family Sized Soup & Smoothie Maker, Ideal for Smooth & Chunky Soup & Smoothies, Led Indicator Lights, Overfill and Overspill Sensors, Stainless Steel, 1000W'
from Amazon

Mollygo Wed 04-Jan-23 23:18:15

Hope you enjoy your soup maker Noola.

Bigred18 Thu 05-Jan-23 05:41:32

Love my soup maker. Favourites are mushroom, carrot and pea and ham. So easy and so quick.

Bigred18 Thu 05-Jan-23 05:42:42

And I always use frozen onions and a potato, easy!

MiniMoon Thu 05-Jan-23 09:26:38

I'm loving my Ninja. It has a sautè setting which takes 5 minutes. You then add other veg, pulses etc. and stock, decide whether you want it chunky or smooth and away you go. It takes 30 minutes, but has a manual setting if you need to add more time.

NotSpaghetti Thu 05-Jan-23 09:59:37


Should be morphine

Wondered about Mr. Hine! grin

Franbern Sat 07-Jan-23 07:20:20

I first read about soup makers on Gransnet. Was very 'sniffy' about them as I had always made soup in a saucepan on the hob, and these days made even easier with hand held blenders at the end. Before that Ihad needed to pour this hot liquid into glass blender.

But, so many people praised them I thought I would give it a go. Only me, so purchased a compact one. Am very much a convert to them now. So very easy, and just one ite to wash up. I take short cuts throughout -use frozen chopped onion, put in different items from vegetable drawer in fridge, use the stock pots, some Lazy Ginger and Lazy Garlic, usually a diced small potato to thicken it (although sometimes use red lentials for this purpose). My partiuclar favourite (this year) is butternut squash, but I purchase the frozen pieces for this. Add some water, turn it on and walk away. twnety five minutes later have delicious soup.

If I am having anyone over for lunch in the winter months, this is my standby, along with a nice crusty roll and butter. Have not found anyone who has not thoroughly enjoyed it and complimented me on making it.

Yes, If I need to make a large amount I will return to large saucepan and hand held blender, but for most of the time I am more than happy with this gadget. Do not try to pack it away it sits on my worktop ready for use. Just to size and shape of a kettle.

Aveline Sat 07-Jan-23 09:17:39

Glad to hear of another convert Franbern. I'm just off to pop a nice lentil soup on. 😋

Alioop Sat 07-Jan-23 11:35:40

I love my Tefal one I was bought as a Christmas present years ago. I live alone so I make a batch and freeze what I don't use. Carrot and parsnip soup is my favourite, I make some with sweet potato, onion and a cooking apple. My sister wasn't a fan of it though.

Welshy Fri 13-Jan-23 14:38:54

Lots of ideas on YouTube

Noola Fri 13-Jan-23 23:43:01

Alioop thats an interesting combination, and encourages me to experiment with mine. Its going OK.

Can I ask how you freeze - what kind of containor?

mumofmadboys Sat 14-Jan-23 10:49:34

I use old margarine tubs!

Mollygo Sat 14-Jan-23 10:56:35

I use boxes like those from takeaway meals, except I bought them from -I think it was Costco.

silverlining48 Sat 14-Jan-23 11:10:17

I am making one today. I use a large pot on the hob, cut up whatever veggies ( don’t sauté) add red lentils with a tin of tomato 🍅 garlic etc etc .
Cook slowly stir occasionally and bingo. Lovely stew. I batch cook and it Freezes well.
I will add the last of my gammon.
Don’t usually blitz but if I do I use the stick. About 25 minutes cooking time depending on size of chunks.
Straightforward cleaning the pot.
My friend had a soup maker which she used s lot, initially, but it’s been in her cupboard for months now.

MawtheMerrier Sat 14-Jan-23 12:15:41


Alioop thats an interesting combination, and encourages me to experiment with mine. Its going OK.

Can I ask how you freeze - what kind of containor?

Freezer bags, ice cream tubs, plastic freezer boxes, tubs from shop bought soup -whatever .

Alioop Sat 14-Jan-23 17:26:11

I freeze mine in the plastic boxes, similar to takeaway boxes, that I buy in packs of 6 in shops like Home Bargains, etc. They are so easy to stack in my freezer.

MayBee70 Sat 14-Jan-23 19:51:08

I use these containers. I used to buy them from Morrisons but during lockdown I sent away to Addis for them. In fact I use them for everything. Dog treats, stock, coffee ( always worried that I’ll drop a whole jar of coffee).

Sallywally1 Mon 30-Jan-23 05:07:49

I’ve had mine for a while and recently found it again at the back of the cupboard! I think it is wonderful for using up vegetables lurking at the bottom of the fridge, add seasonings etc and it all cooks in 15 minutes. I bung in whole peeled garlic bulbs and don’t peel the vegetables, just roughly chopped and then I blend it at the end. If you like it thicker you can add a little cornflower. I also like to add something like butter beans, or lentils when it has finished cooking, tinned I’m afraid. I had some soup left over the other day and froze it. It has now been added to this weeks shepherds pie! So yes, I would recommend, though as others have said, it does take up room, especially as it is obviously not used in the summer months.