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Food photography - Ottolenghi recipe for curried butter beans on toast

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Riverwalk Mon 02-Jan-23 12:10:33

I know photographs of food are 'styled' with lighting, food colouring etc but they draw you in and tempt you to make the dish.

I've just had this for brunch - mine didn't look as rustic and pretty as YO's but it tasted nice smile It was a bit rich and stodgy but the red onion pickle was a good accompaniment.


JaneJudge Mon 02-Jan-23 12:11:56

Is yours the one on the plate as it looks very good!

Riverwalk Mon 02-Jan-23 12:13:19

Yes the plate!

MawtheMerrier Mon 02-Jan-23 12:14:01

Looks amazing!
I tend t think of my glossy cookery books as a sort of “food porn” 🤣🤣🤣

Grannybags Mon 02-Jan-23 15:08:47

Looks yummy

Love the idea of food porn Maw!

Blondiescot Mon 02-Jan-23 15:42:46

It can be quite tricky to take photos of food and make it look good. I've done a food blog on our tours of Turkey, and one of my favourite dishes is called hunkar begendi - it's a kind of lamb stew served on a bed of smoky aubergine puree. Absolutely delicious - but it tends to come out looking like something unmentionable in photos!

grandMattie Mon 02-Jan-23 15:45:34

I agree Maw. I watch a lot of food programmes and call them my “gastro-porn” to my late DH’s amusement! 😂

Riverwalk Mon 02-Jan-23 15:53:36

It was very calorific - when I'd eaten the portion on the plate I ate the other half!

I've since had an hour's yomping around the mean streets to burn off a few of the calories

Joseanne Mon 02-Jan-23 16:02:14

Yours looks good Riverwalk. Does it have to be butter beans from a jar?
When I makke houmous I always buy these chickpeas from M & S as there is a difference, but for anything else I make cans are fine.

Yammy Mon 02-Jan-23 16:08:51


Looks amazing!
I tend t think of my glossy cookery books as a sort of “food porn” 🤣🤣🤣

You've reminded me Maw of a play on TV years ago where a chap said he had, had a chocasam. It caught on with some of DH colleges and when we were out for a very upmarket meal someone said they had had a chocasm, and we all nearly choked.grin

Riverwalk Mon 02-Jan-23 16:12:18

Interesting question Joseanne.

I didn't use the very expensive jarred butter beans but the cheaper(ish) Epicure organic canned ones. To be honest they weren't great, some hard and discoloured, considering they are twice as expensive as the 'budget' ones that used to be available from Waitrose and Ocado.

For months now there has been a shortage of inexpensive canned butter beans!

I've made this dish before using Waitrose Essential and they were about 60 pence a can - the Epicure were twice that.

Norah Mon 02-Jan-23 17:13:37

We make similar. Similar being without cheese and cream. grin

We use dried, soaked, cooked cannellini. Very nice meal.

Norah Wed 08-Feb-23 12:59:52

This is delish, easy. We don't eat feta cheese, that was the only ingredient we removed.

Redhead56 Wed 08-Feb-23 15:19:27

I love his food I have his cook book it is very stylised to make the food look scrumptious but it really is.