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Air fryer and toaster oven

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Ukcarolm Sun 29-Jan-23 20:41:44

Do any of you lovely people have one of these ovens. I have used an ordinary air fryer for some time and bought this as I need a bigger oven. However this new oven seems quite different to my old air fryer. Any help would be gratefully received.

Blossoming Mon 30-Jan-23 14:11:35

Sorry, no. What brand is it?

M0nica Mon 30-Jan-23 16:46:05

I have never heard of a toaster oven, so I looked it up. The definition of a toaster oven is
A toaster oven is a small electric countertop appliance that looks like a mini oven but functions as an oven-toaster hybrid. Toaster ovens are mainly used for reheating leftovers, cooking frozen foods, toasting breads and baking in small batches.

An airfryer is defined as: a mini convection oven, in essence. Its promise: to match the taste and texture of your favorite deep-fried foods–minus the all the fat and all those extra calories. except that you can do so much else with an air fryer. In the last three days, I hve cooked stuffed mushrooma and aubergines, made a frittata, and cooked chips.

Going on that a toaster oven is a very different appliance to a toaster oven, which is more like a stand alone grill, that also heats things through than an air fryer that convects high temperatue heat round a small oven.

Ukcarolm Mon 30-Jan-23 19:10:06

Thankyou both very much for answering my question. The oven I've bought is an Innoteck kitchen pro, which is a counter top oven and airfryer combined with numerous settings. I bought it in Amazon .
here's the link for you to see it.]]

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 30-Jan-23 19:17:08

Presumably it came with instructions?

M0nica Mon 30-Jan-23 19:19:37

This is clearly an airfryer, not a toaster oven. What are the problems you are having?

I confess I only have quite small airfryer, enough for 2, so my knowledge is limited.

Greyduster Mon 30-Jan-23 19:31:27

It sounds like the Tower air fryer oven that I have. It is basically more an oven than an air fryer. I don’t know a lot about air fryers, but the oven is very versatile.

timetogo2016 Wed 22-Feb-23 10:16:10

I have a Tower 5in1,it`s brilliant.
Comprising,an oven,grill,air fryer,fan oven and a dehydration facility,which i don`t use.
It takes up very little space on the work top.

Ukcarolm Wed 22-Feb-23 18:59:09

Evening everyone, I had to send the Innoteck airfryer oven back as I think it was faulty which explains why I couldn't cook anything properly. I have bought a Hypientia Air fryer oven and oh what a difference. My new oven is a joy to use and everything I've cooked is cooked well with no problems.