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Leek & Potato soup gone brown?

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tanith Thu 16-Feb-23 12:23:19

So I've made a pan of L&P soup today left it simmering for 25 mins only added a veg stock cube as i always do and when i took the lid off there it was brown!! This has never happened before its usually pale greenish white. It looks horrible as you can see. Any ideas as to why?

MaizieD Thu 16-Feb-23 12:31:06

It looks as though some of your potatoes might have got a bit scorched. Did you fry them off before adding the liquid? The colour from the browned potatoes could be what is turning it brown.

How does it taste?

Whitewavemark2 Thu 16-Feb-23 12:32:32

My thoughts that it was the potatoes

tanith Thu 16-Feb-23 12:46:37

No I didn't fry them off so they just went in the pan with water and stock cube as normal so I'm stumped 🤷‍♀️

tanith Thu 16-Feb-23 12:48:08

It tastes a bit sweet, horrible it'll be going in the recycle bin when I've sieved it

rubysong Thu 16-Feb-23 12:49:25

Was it a stock cube of a kind you have used before?

tanith Thu 16-Feb-23 12:58:53

Yep just a knorr veggy cube. Im wondering if its the starch in the potatoes as it tastes sweetish?

Sarah75 Thu 16-Feb-23 14:42:28

Was it definitely a veggie stock cube, not a beef one?

singmen1 Thu 02-Mar-23 13:07:03

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MaizieD Thu 02-Mar-23 13:09:25

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