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Built in obsolescence

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ExDancer Mon 20-Feb-23 15:00:46

Isn't it infuriating when large household machines, in this case my fridge, break down a couple of months past their warranty expiry date?
They don't seem to be 'fixable' by a normal handy-husband, and mine's pretty good with most things, so you're only option is to buy a new one.
The motor seems to be humming away, its a good quiet fridge, but I'd noticed the milk was going off somewhat quickly and blamed myself for not using the bottles in order. Its one of those self-defrosting ones so no hints such as the ice-box not being icy, but its 10c in there which is not good.
DH says the gas must have leaked away (?) and there's nothing he can do.
So I suppose I bite the bullet and get a new one - as if my belt wasn't pulled in tightly enough right now!

M0nica Mon 20-Feb-23 15:38:04

You do not need to buy a new one. You just need to get a fridge repair(wo)man in. Age UK may have a list of approved repair(wo)men or ask on your community Facebook page or website or look up the website of your make of fridge and see if they have an accredited repairman in your area.

Ziplok Mon 20-Feb-23 15:47:44

Yes, I agree with M0nica. It will be worth getting it checked first before going to the expense of buying a new one. If they say it will cost almost as much to repair as buying a new one, then obviously you buy a new one, but it might be something relatively simple to repair and could save you some money. Good luck. 😊

Norah Mon 20-Feb-23 16:17:34

How old is your fridge?

Is the frozen food solid? I ask because I mistakenly placed (or it got shoved) a big batch of food next to the back wall in the fridge, the fridge hummed along, but not as cold as should be, the freezer was fine.

Perhaps empty and clean out the entire 'household machine' -wash and tidy up inside, re-load properly and see if that helps?

NotSpaghetti Mon 20-Feb-23 18:52:05

I had exactly this with my fridge freezer and got out a guy intending to "re-gas" it. He can do it but said the "other" half invariably goes on the next few months if one goes. He may have been telling me rubbish but he would have been paid (I think it was £80- £100) for the work and likely as not would have to come back and charge Spain for the second half.
To do it involved taking the fridge out of its housing as it's integrated too and because of the wiring it is quite involved (no plug).
He said "this fridge freezer is like ours" (but his was free-standing) and it shouldn't have had these problems. All the fitting was good with some "extra" space at the side and lots of air-flow. He advised getting a new one - the same! shock

We actually gritted our teeth and bought an identical model. It has been fine.
We bought the first one from Currys and because we wanted an identical model and it was only just out of warranty they fitted the new one as a swap.
Done in no time. 👍

The new one has been fine.

NotSpaghetti Mon 20-Feb-23 18:53:13

Not charge Spain - "charge again!"

MaggsMcG Mon 20-Feb-23 18:58:34

Check out Martin Lewis statement on fit for purpose and lasting a reasonable amount of time. You have statutory rights that go beyond the one year warranty. Don't get a new one until you check this out. Also there will be a local repair person that can either fix it or tell you if it is likely to be a manufacturers fault.