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Non Teflon air fryer model

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ceejayjay Thu 23-Feb-23 07:47:52

I love my little air fryer and find it perfect size oven for one and so speedy. I’ve recently been alarmed by reading an article about the health implications of using Teflon coated air fryers. I would love to replace mine with a stainless steel or ceramic basket type but I’m really struggling to find one. Anyone have one please ? Thankyou xx

BlueBelle Thu 23-Feb-23 08:01:41

Well to be honest if we all followed every scare we d have nothing in the house I remember the time when you d ‘die if you drank from a plastic water bottle’ or ‘used a plastic baby bottle’ and then there were loads of scares around microwaves and oh the mobile phones at your ears going to fry your brains and 5g poles near your house causing cancer or leukaemia
and most pans are Teflon coated anyway and what about silicon in the oven ??
I ll stick with my little Tower, Teflon or not
Too much else to worry about ceejayjay

NorthFace Thu 23-Feb-23 09:52:19

Watch the 2019 film Deep Waters currently streaming on BBC iPlayer. It's the true story of US corporate lawyer Rob Bilott who went after chemical giant DuPont for poisoning communities with Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) the chemical used in the manuafacture of Teflon.

In 2017 he won a $671 million settlement on behalf of more than 3,500 plaintiffs who had been made ill or their babies born deformed because of the chemical. Watch the film, look up articles about PFAS, PFOA, PTFE and C8 and read the numerous articles about Bilott and his fight for justice. Here are a couple:

These were cases of people who had worked in production at Du Pont, had drinking water contaminated by Du Pont waste or had to work closely with Du Pont products e.g. firemen working with fire suppressant foam.

How dangerous Teflon is in small scale exposure is hard to say but PFOA/C8 is described as a forever chemical that stays in our bodies and can cause illness years later. It's wise to be wary of it.

NotSpaghetti Thu 23-Feb-23 10:12:49

I have just been reading an article about this NorthFace.

BlueBelle - I'm not sure you're right that most pans are Teflon coated anyway.

I haven't had a Teflon-coated pan since I got rid of one in 1980 (when I read that it might leach into foods).
I don't think I've seen one in any of my family's homes either.
I suppose all my bakeware is too old!