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Crock pot without a recipe book

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Allsorts Sat 04-Mar-23 21:16:02

Just bought a crock pot, just 1.8 litres as there is just me, no instructions or recipes included. It look very much smaller than my ancient slow cooker which was 1.5 litres. It was wider.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Jaxjacky Sat 04-Mar-23 21:21:01

Crock pot is a brand of slow cooker I think, so recipes should be very similar, lots of recipes online and maybe instructions for yours?

Norah Sat 04-Mar-23 21:23:55

Google: 1.8L Crock Pot Recipes for 1-2 persons. Should work well.

MawtheMerrier Sat 04-Mar-23 22:12:46

1.8 litres-1.5 litres
At 0.3 litres bigger obviously the shape is deceptive!
Any casserole recipe can be adjusted, remember to reduce the coking liquid as there is less evaporation.
Presumably you were familiar with using the old one?

Doodledog Sat 04-Mar-23 22:33:49

Which one did you get? One of us might have the same one, but it’s hard to give instructions unless we know. They are usually fairly simple to use though.

Allsorts Sun 05-Mar-23 07:57:51

It’s the original crockpot, 1.8 litres with three settings, my old one didn’t have settings, I used to start cooking the vegetables before my meat or chicken went in. Think I will do this and cook on full to try it out full for 4 hours. If it needs longer I will check every 2 hours.

Shelflife Sun 05-Mar-23 08:53:04

Just chuck everything in and switch on - I leave mine on all night sometimes.

Doodledog Sun 05-Mar-23 12:16:05

Mine is a different brand, but has settings. I sometimes use high for an hour then switch to low, but wouldn’t recommend using high for too long, as it we I’ll burn. I once left a rice pudding on high, and it took days to get the pot back to normal (the pudding was ruined).

MawtheMerrier Sun 05-Mar-23 13:04:37

Have you tried Googling?
There are instruction manuals or YouTube videos available.

Allsorts Mon 06-Mar-23 06:46:34

Thanks everyone, I tried it and on high it cooks twice as fast as the old one, so it will be on low from now on.It’s puzzling there is no light to say it’s working, I bought it because it was a good brand, cheap too, Crockpot but I like a light. Looked on line at recipes putting in the size of the pot, they came up in recipes for a large size so you had to work it out yourself, someone new to that type of cooking with no recipe book would struggle, so I certainly would not buy one as a present, too basic,