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Meal delivery boxes.

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Sago Tue 14-Mar-23 10:42:05

I have ordered my first box, I never thought I would succumb but son and DIL convinced me it was worth a try.
I cook everything from scratch and we don’t eat processed foods, however I am told that the Gousto boxes are very good quality, imaginative and fresh.
So next Tuesday my first box arrives, I’m actually quite excited as the choice of foods was superb and that week is very busy for us.
5 meals for 2 at £16 for the first box!
If anyone else fancies trying it they issued me with this code it’s valid until this evening.
This will give you 70% off your first box and you can cancel at anytime it’s a very simple process. FRANC43875353.
I will let you all know what I think.

MawtheMerrier Tue 14-Mar-23 13:33:07

Thank you for the code @Sago

I get a Riverford box every week - usually 2 of their “recipe” boxes which include a recipe card and all you need, apart from olive oil, salt etc.
I like it because it forces me to cook something new , after 53 years of cooking and thinking what to cook, it also steers me away from the old favourites. I will happily give Gousto a go as I have always enjoyed cooking - but also feel I have got stale and perhaps out of practice at attempting new things.

Sago Tue 14-Mar-23 14:58:41

Great stuff Maw I too am looking forward to not having to think about the food and of course to stay away from the supermarket.
My son has high standards so if he says it’s good it must be🤞!

BigBertha1 Tue 14-Mar-23 15:27:41

Thank you the code sago I was thinking of giving Gusto a try.

On the luxury end of things my sister kindly gave me a token for Cote French restaurant which I redeemed last weekend (I added a little bit to it). We had the seafood menu and it was delicious and generous helpings for four which we two had over the weekend. I have had the beef one before for another pressie from my sister and again very generous and delicious.

Sago Tue 14-Mar-23 15:37:39

BigB1 Let me know what you think to Gousto.

dragonfly46 Tue 14-Mar-23 15:41:46

My DD uses delivery boxes. She gives me the recipe books as I find them easy to make myself and a lot cheaper.

Auntieflo Tue 14-Mar-23 15:43:35

Sago. Many thanks for the Gousto code. I have used it as we have the decorators in next week and it will save me thinking about what to cook/eat when they have gone for the day.

Sago Tue 14-Mar-23 15:59:54

Auntyflo I’ve got the decorators coming in too!
Hall stairs and landing in a 3 storey house.It will be messy and chaotic.
I’ve not got much work on so I will start stripping the paper to save some money.

Auntieflo Tue 14-Mar-23 17:14:41

Sago, Hall, stairs and landing for us also, but no paper stripping, thank goodness.
Lounge/ diner and kitchen as well, and DH study ceiling.
I just have to choose colours now.
He only told me yesterday that he was coming, although they have been booked since last summer.

ElaineI Tue 14-Mar-23 18:59:09

The boxes are good and the recipe cards are great to keep. We also use them with our own ingredients like you Dragonfly.

Blondiescot Tue 14-Mar-23 19:18:58

We tried both Hello Fresh and Gousto when they had special offers on, and felt that Gousto was definitely better in terms of the quality of the produce. However, I certainly wouldn't contemplate buying any of them at full price.