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Floradora9 Mon 24-Apr-23 11:11:04

Great offer from them to-day for anyone over 60 . Monday Tuesday and Wednesdays 12 to 3 pm a carvery meal for a £5 . This is valid from now until 31st. May.

crazyH Mon 24-Apr-23 11:21:22

Thankyou Floradora9 - I love the Toby Carvery - we’ve got near us and might take my visitors, there tomorrow

Grannynannywanny Mon 24-Apr-23 11:33:22

Thanks for the tip off Floradora9. I was there recently for the first time in a few years and really enjoyed it. The veg in particular was delicious with nothing overcooked and plenty of choice.

Elegran Mon 24-Apr-23 12:04:50

Sadly, my local one doesn't seem to be doing that discount.

However,a net search shows that the Telegraph has a whole page of various Toby offers! There must be a relevant one somewhere there.

Floradora9 Mon 24-Apr-23 21:26:12

I see that I got one of these things you scan from your phone to get the offer perhaps it is not for everyone . Best check up before you go .

Redhead56 Tue 25-Apr-23 00:59:49

We went to a trendy restaurant the other day with friends and to be honest I wasn’t impressed. I said to my DH give me a Toby carvery any day over that rubbish so thanks for that info.

HowVeryDareYou2 Tue 25-Apr-23 17:06:43

My local Toby isn't doing that offer. All carveries, during the week, are £8.99. I don't think I'll bother.

Susie42 Wed 26-Apr-23 14:06:07

We had one of the worst meals we have ever been served in a Toby Carvery, the service was very poor, and the standard of cleanliness was dreadful. We would not recommend them to anyone.

Redhead56 Wed 26-Apr-23 14:46:20

Yes they are not the same everywhere we have been to a few of them. The standards are rather different in some locations.

LadyGaGa Wed 26-Apr-23 14:56:37

I took some of my family to a local Toby on Sun. The queues were horrendous- we had to queue up in two separate groups as we had a baby with us and each time it was over half an hour, so we didn’t eat together. It was a right bun struggle, as my dad used to say.

bikergran Wed 26-Apr-23 15:03:16

Must admit we went to a Toby Carvery in a seaside resort(very nice seaside resort on the North West coast)

Went once with gson and it was awful, tables all sticky, lot of flies about.

Then went again about 8 mnths later hoping things had changed but they hadn't.

That was about 8/9 yrs ago never been again since. But hopefully it will have improved by now.

1summer Wed 26-Apr-23 15:37:21

I went to a Toby Carvery for the first time this Sunday, the food was OK, a bit stingy with the meat but vegetables of good quality and decent selection. But.. the place looked filthy and didn’t really want to sit on the seat, the queues horrendous and everything seemed hectic.
It wasn’t my choice as I dislike carvery’s as I hate carrying my plate around. Don’t think I will go again.

SachaMac Wed 26-Apr-23 15:58:24

We have two Toby Carvery’s within a 15 minute drive in opposite directions, one is much better than the other. The last time I went to the not so good one I happened to see a couple of people who were part of a large group poking around in the roast potatoes with their fingers even though there were plenty of serving spoons around and it put me right off. I’ll look out for the £5 voucher though as that’s very good value for a roast dinner.