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Does anyone remember these books?

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Antonia Sun 14-May-23 18:33:17

I used to cook lots of these recipes when my children were young. I still have 3 of them but I think there were 4.
I have the poultry, vegetables and cheese books. I would love to know what the 4th one was.

wildswan16 Sun 14-May-23 18:38:42

The fourth one was Making the most of Beef. They came out in 1984.

Antonia Sun 14-May-23 18:53:45

Oh, thank you wildswan16.

NotSpaghetti Mon 15-May-23 07:16:19

Hard to believe that in a series of just four there was a whole book on beef really!
Poultry is various and cheese too but beef is beef.
Maybe a lot more beef was purchased then..

NotSpaghetti Mon 15-May-23 07:16:53

Obviously I realise beef is in many forms! grin

Antonia Mon 15-May-23 09:36:27

NotSpaghetti a cookbook on just beef is still available, I saw this one on Amazon.

I don't want to buy it and I can't remember what recipes I used to do from my Asda one. I think it must have gone to a charity shop at some point in the past. I still do recipes from the other 3 books though.