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Do you peel apples? (For cooking.)

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Witzend Tue 04-Jul-23 15:42:21

Inspired obviously by the mushroom thread.

I stopped peeling them for e.g. pies and crumbles a few years ago. The only exception is for the apple cake I make very occasionally.

IIRC Delia’s mincemeat recipe says not to bother peeling them.

I’ve never had any complaints about my pies, crumbles, Eve’s pudding, or a pud I make with stewed apple, split trifle sponges and homemade custard, baked in the oven. It was out of a very old Katie Stewart cookery book and works very well.

Norah Tue 04-Jul-23 15:46:10

I scrub homegrown and only peel if I'm forced to purchase - I don't know what may have been sprayed in other growers fields.

lixy Tue 04-Jul-23 15:55:49

I do peel cooking apples unless I'm grating them. I confess that it hadn't crossed my mind not to, so will give unpeeled a go. Thanks for the tip.

merlotgran Tue 04-Jul-23 16:04:06

I do whatever the recipe suggests.

Calendargirl Tue 04-Jul-23 17:55:42

Yes, I peel them. They are not bought ones, they are from our Bramley apple tree, and sometimes they are a bit bruised or rough, so I peel them thinly.

Esmay Tue 04-Jul-23 18:21:11

My cooking is a bit International !
Once I try something and prefer it to my old recipe I'll adapt and adopt it .

It also depends on what I'm making :

If it's an apple pie I always use unpeeled dessert apples - frying them in butter with cinnamon and making a circular pattern in the pastry - either it will have a pastry cover or not !
I like the look and the taste of butter with cinnamon . I think that it's French style .

I grate unpeeled apples for mincemeat and add booze soaked bananas (!)

I peel cookers for crumbles and make it the traditional English way .

I peel dessert apples for an apple cake . My old recipe is an Italian one .

I've used both dessert and cooking apples for strudel and peeled them .

I peel them for a chutney and an apple butter .

Bellanonna Tue 04-Jul-23 19:03:14

No, never. DH does them.

BlueBelle Tue 04-Jul-23 19:05:16

Yes always 🤣🤣🤣

Cold Tue 04-Jul-23 22:40:59

It depends what I am making.

Apple sauce - yes
Apple crumble/pie - depends
Tuna and apple sandwich - no
Swedish apple cake - no because the pattern looks pretty
Spiced apple jelly - no as you chuck it all in - cores and all

Callistemon21 Tue 04-Jul-23 23:38:23

The only time I don't peel apples is if a recipe specifies not to eg the top of a tart or apple cake.

Or unless I'm sieving them for apple purée

zainlinkbuilding Tue 18-Jul-23 13:03:20

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MiniMoon Tue 18-Jul-23 14:02:26

I don't peel, them if I'm making a galette. I peel them when making anything else.

AreWeThereYet Tue 18-Jul-23 15:17:58

As a rule no, unless making apple sauce or pureeing them. Once made apple sauce without peeling them and the skins just made it lumpy.

tobyianathekid Tue 15-Aug-23 11:33:10

When cooking or making sauces yes. For eating, no way.

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 15-Aug-23 12:12:50

We have a Bramley Apple tree and I always peel the mountains of apples that it generously gives me.

However, I have an Apple peeler so I just stand and turn the handle……

M0nica Tue 15-Aug-23 13:23:58

Yes, unless baking them.

Greenfinch Tue 15-Aug-23 13:26:03

Always. I have never considered doing otherwise.