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Strawberries - white inside

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Daisymae Fri 21-Jul-23 17:50:54

Any ideas why?

Daisymae Fri 21-Jul-23 17:52:15

Forgot to add the photo

Ilovecheese Fri 21-Jul-23 18:03:34

Not ripe.

midgey Fri 21-Jul-23 18:04:09

I think there is a specific strawberry variety that is meant to be white inside.

MiniMoon Fri 21-Jul-23 18:06:27

Looks like grey haven't ripened properly. They will be perfectly okay to eat.

Forlornhope Fri 21-Jul-23 19:17:27

I think the strawberries we eat these days originally began as a cross between large tasteless white Chilean strawberries and our native wild red strawberries back in the early nineteenth century. I read this years ago so I’m a bit hazy on the details but it came to mind reading your thread.

Blondiescot Fri 21-Jul-23 19:20:58

Although it can be down to them not ripening properly, some varieties of strawberry are naturally white on the inside.

Joseann Fri 21-Jul-23 19:23:39

I'm sure I've seen white, well cream coloured, strawberries in M & S. And more expensive than the red ones too, so they must be a delicacy.

Ilovecheese Fri 21-Jul-23 19:31:33

Gosh, I never knew about the white inside ones.

CanadianGran Fri 21-Jul-23 19:39:24

Are these grown locally or imported?

I tend to think greenhouse grown strawberries are very large varieties that grow quickly, therefore don't ripen as nicely as field grown ones.

Grannyben Fri 21-Jul-23 20:13:15

Joseann, the M&S ones are vanilla flavoured strawberries with the texture of pineapple. Actually really nice but there aren't many in the box for the money

Fleurpepper Fri 21-Jul-23 20:32:32


I think there is a specific strawberry variety that is meant to be white inside.

Yes, I am sure- can't remember the name.

On the subject - pciked and ate so many wild strawberries on my walk today - I'd forgotten how divine the taste. It will be a great year for wild raspberries (just starting, had 3 today) blackberries and hazelnuts.

Fleurpepper Fri 21-Jul-23 20:35:03

''Some strawberries are white inside because they have mutated, and the mutation has been taken and deliberately bred by growers because it looks interesting and makes the fruits more likely to sell. In some cases, white strawberries have other desirable traits, like size or firmness, which makes shipping easier.''

bridie54 Fri 21-Jul-23 21:31:00

I was curious about this and just googled it.
Strawberries can also be white inside from a lack of sunlight.
I live in a berry growing region in scotland and much prefer natural berries which are grown outdoors as opposed to the polytunnels used these days. My sister makes jam from berries but doesn't like the white middle ones.

Daisymae Fri 21-Jul-23 22:42:12

They are British grown from m and s. Have had similar from Waitrose. I'm thinking that they are artificially ripened, maybe with gas? I did ask but they just refunded, which didn't answer my question. They taste ok, a bit hard which is a bonus from their point of view.

Katie59 Sat 22-Jul-23 08:13:04

Most likely the variety, almost all strawberries sold on supermarkets are grown in polytunnels, sunshine may make a difference, although those I’m using from Waitrose are red and certainly havn’t had much sunshine lately.

Daisymae Sat 22-Jul-23 10:23:31

I'm going to the farm shop later to get some traditional ones while they are still available ☺️

Joseann Sat 22-Jul-23 12:26:10

These are mine from Waitrose ready for lunch today. They are firm, but sweet.

nanna8 Sat 22-Jul-23 12:29:24

Mostly the ones we get here are white inside. Perhaps those ones last longer ?