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Can anyone recommend a jelly strainer and stand please?

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25Avalon Sat 05-Aug-23 22:25:21

I have the old Lakeland free standing metal one but it is so difficult to assemble. Every year I fume and curse and swear I will get another better design but here I am again. Does anyone have any recommendations please? Not too worried about cost. I will treat myself. Better than going insane with the present one!

crazyH Sat 05-Aug-23 22:30:47

Sorry 25Avalon - I don’t even know what a ‘jelly strainer’ is. I hope someone else will come along and give you the info you need.

Cheeseplantmad Sat 05-Aug-23 22:34:31

Sorry , I’ve not heard of one either.

25Avalon Sat 05-Aug-23 22:37:02

When you are making jelly as opposed to jam you boil the fruit up and then strain it overnight to get all the juices out. This is done by pouring it into a hanging muslin jelly bag so all the juices run out into the bowl which you place underneath.

Mogsmaw Sat 05-Aug-23 22:38:29

Lakeland do one. It looks much better than balancing a “jeelybag” on an upturned stool.

lemsip Sat 05-Aug-23 23:00:18

MiniMoon Sat 05-Aug-23 23:48:03

I bought one from Amazon last year. It isn't very big but is easy to assemble. I made crab ap pl e jelly which filled 6 jam jars.

Mamie Sun 06-Aug-23 05:39:45

I made apple jelly last week for the first time since we had a new kitchen fitted and realised I had nowhere to hang the jelly bag. I ended up adding a very long cord and climbing a step ladder to use a hook on one of the beams!
It did work and we now have supplies of mint and tarragon jellies. 😂

MrsKen33 Sun 06-Aug-23 06:12:30

I use an upturned stool.

grandMattie Sun 06-Aug-23 06:43:41

I have always used double squares of muslin, a long flat stick and an upturned table. The flat stick, with the gubbins nicely tied in, is placed on the table legs and left overnight to drip! Works a treat.

grandMattie Sun 06-Aug-23 06:44:44

Side table. Stool with flat bottomed legs will do as well.

Redhead56 Sun 06-Aug-23 10:18:02

I use a jelly bag from Amazon put it in a colander over a plastic bowl.

eddiecat78 Sun 06-Aug-23 10:29:48

I have the original Lakeland one too and it is a pain to assemble - as soon as you get the top ring in place the legs spring out of the bottom one! I see the new version is plastic and might be easier. I wonder how strong it is though? A bagful of apple and blackberries weighs a lot!

Camilla7 Sun 06-Aug-23 23:44:33

I use the colander and tights hack as per this jelly recipe. You could also line colander with muslin.

Shelflife Mon 07-Aug-23 00:52:10

I remember my Mum using an upturned dining chair!

Mamardoit Mon 07-Aug-23 05:08:52

I've kept an old stool with hooks through the legs. It sits on the chest freezer when in use.

Aldom Mon 07-Aug-23 06:03:56

I'm another who used to use an upturned chair. grin

25Avalon Mon 07-Aug-23 13:42:30

Not keen on an upturned chair with a dog in the house. The new plastic Lakeland one does look as if it’s much easier to slot together but some of the reviews weren’t so good. Has anyone on here got one?

Aldom Mon 07-Aug-23 16:20:20

I used to do the straining overnight.
Our dog slept in the utility room, so not a problem. smile