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"Meaty" raspberries. Just not right.

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NotSpaghetti Sun 27-Aug-23 13:21:27

Just had to share this as it's really annoying.

I've today had (yet again) some rather "chewy" (for want of a better word) raspberries. I bought British ones deliberately but this time I've noticed they are a variety developed by Berryworld and called "Gem". I've had some decent Berryworld blueberries in the past but these raspberries are just wrong. 😕

I would like some with a better "mouth feel" than these plump perfect looking but tough ones. I'd rather have flavoursome than beautiful!

What varieties are still grown commercially that I should look out for? Older names have all but disappeared.

ParlorGames Sun 27-Aug-23 13:50:22

Take them back to the shop - they are clearly substandard and the store needs to know to be able to take the matter forward to their supplier.

3dognight Sun 27-Aug-23 14:06:18

I should do as ParlorGames advises.

A tough raspberry? The shop and the grower need to know. Just an idea, but have you noticed how big and lush the blackberries are this year, I should get your basket out and go picking.

Farmor15 Sun 27-Aug-23 14:58:17

I think the problem may be that the traditional varieties don't keep well. I've grown raspberries for years but they never keep more than a day - go soft and mouldy very quickly though taste and texture great when just picked!
If you lived near me NotSpaghetti I'd be delighted to give you some. I'm near South Coast of Ireland!

Whitewavemark2 Sun 27-Aug-23 18:56:10

I think it the the varieties that are grown for commercial purposes - just like strawberries. They are grown “tougher” to last longer on the shelf I think.

BlueBelle Sun 27-Aug-23 19:11:03

I ve had some beautiful raspberries this year off my allotment but you re right they don’t last more than a day. two at most

Whitewavemark2 Sun 27-Aug-23 19:17:12

Yes, all soft fruit you grow yourself needs picking and eating or freezing immediately.

Mind you I think it has been one if the best crops for ages. Blackberries are wonderful - so must pick some more this week.

Granmarderby10 Sun 27-Aug-23 19:23:50

Our Labrador is great at choosing the perfect blackberries from the wild ones that grow in abundance near us ..problem is she gobbles them all up😋
I think raspberries are very expensive to buy but love them.
I am personally always disappointed with peaches and pears, but have had some gorgeous ripe and ready nectarines lately.

NotSpaghetti Sun 27-Aug-23 19:33:13

These are my thoughts too. I think these are an exclusively "commercial" variety and they have been developed to "keep". I think they could have survived at least a fortnight in the fridge!

My own raspberries (or which we have few now) I think were Malling of one sort or another . Like others upthread they do not keep and really are best straight off the cane!

I can't take the "meaty" ones back as we've eaten them anyway - but I won't be buying them again now I know exactly what they are!

Does anyone know of nice but commercially grown varieties I can look out for when we have none of our own please?

NotSpaghetti Sun 27-Aug-23 19:40:25

Farmor South Coast of Ireland - one of my very favourite places...

Vintagewhine Mon 28-Aug-23 08:24:02

Sadly commercially grown fruit is often developed for size and keeping quality so I grow as much as I can of my own. The autumn fruiting raspberries are wonderful ATM as are plums and blackberries.

NotSpaghetti Mon 28-Aug-23 09:53:08

Have had the lastv3 plums yesterday Vintage .
Tasty but not a great crop this year.