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Thatsnotmeinthemirror Mon 18-Sep-23 11:14:32

I am prepared to be told I'm being stupid or a snob. I'm really not. I'm on a very tight budget and cook from scratch and never waste anything. Due to being unable to get out to shop for a while,I shop on line with one of the big supermarkets. I used to shop there prior to retiring. Recently I was able to get out more easily and began shopping at a budget supermarket. I have found that some of the food tastes a bit odd! For example, I don't usually buy biscuits but bought some of their own brand biscuits for some men working on my house. I tried one and it was horrible. Tasted synthetic, over sweet and with a strange texture. I'm quite prepared to be told its my imagination. It almost seems like heresy in a cost of living crisis and with so many people swearing by these value stores. The chicken I bought was odd too,strange texture and slimy. I usually buy meat from a local butcher but was looking at saving money . Vegetables were OK, so was fruit . Is it me!

MayBee70 Mon 18-Sep-23 11:26:43

Throughout the pandemic we’ve bought most of our food online with Tescos but have started getting some things from other shops now. Whenever my partner or I shop at Aldi or Lidl we have a guessing game as to how much has been spent and it’s usually a lot less than the guess. Having said that we tend to only buy basics so wouldn’t know what their biscuits etc are like. Mind you we had a scone at Barter Books a few years ago and when we asked them where they got the wonderful jam from they said Lidl! And after reading an article in the paper we started buying our wine from Aldi. I wouldn’t know what that’s like though as I rarely drink wine but other people that we told about it started buying it, too and agreed that it was very good.

Theexwife Mon 18-Sep-23 11:29:29

The meat comes from the same place as other supermarkets, it is trimmed differently or does not fit in with the sizes required by other supermarkets, there was a documentary about chicken factories recently which explained it.

NotSpaghetti Mon 18-Sep-23 11:31:41

I have had good and bad from budget supermarkets (and from other ones such as Tesco and Waitrose).
Don't eat meat but if I did I'd only buy organic so can't say.

Had some decent organic dairy from the budgets in the past but no longer stocked.

Fruit and veg pretty good as you say.
I don't buy biscuits either but budget cheese biscuits are sometimes too sweet for me.
Not keen on budget crisps - but even some premium crisps are not to my taste - rather oily I think.

You have to find what you like where you like it.
I tend to shop Lidl and Waitrose or Lidl and Ocado.

If money was no object I'd just use Ocado. I love the easy functionality of their website and they have an amazingly good range.

I like some of the speciality items in the budgets to be honest. Had some great Turkish delight last year for example and some decent capers more recently.

MayBee70 Mon 18-Sep-23 11:43:19

My partner who does the online ordering has been buying Tescos own brand crisps but I’ve asked him to get Walkers for me. He’s happy with the Tesco’s ones it I find them slightly sweet. I only have crisps when I’m at his place because if I have them at home I binge on them, so they’re a bit of a treat. I never understand why cheese and onion are always in blue bags but salt and vinegar are in green ones. Salt and vinegar remind me of fish and chips and I’ve always felt they should be blue. It really bothers me. Always has.

Thatsnotmeinthemirror Mon 18-Sep-23 12:01:56

So trial and error.? Will start with wine!