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Buying potatoes etc by the pound or kilo

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JayDee60 Mon 25-Sep-23 13:53:34

Maybe a strange thought but I think of it every time I buy a 2.5kg bag of potatoes. I always end up throwing a lot out as they don’t last long these days. Do you remember the days when you could go into a greengrocers and buy 2lb of King Edwards. Wish there were more greengrocers around. Can’t ever see supermarkets selling loose potatoes unless they’re the sweet variety.
Maybe I’m just reminiscing.

AreWeThereYet Mon 25-Sep-23 13:57:28

Not sure what supermarkets you use. We buy loose potatoes from Sainsbury and the Co-op - in fact we bought two big ones this morning at the Co-op to make mash this evening.

paddyann54 Mon 25-Sep-23 14:30:50

First job I had when I was 12 was in a van that delivered fruit and veg around the outlying "schemes" I had to carry a stone of potatoes in one bag and the veg for the week usually pounds of carrots turnips ,leeks ,onions and fruit in another sometimes up five storeys .I recently met a woman who lived in one of those flats ,she said she used to feel sorry for me as I was very slim and not tall but when I started she was pregnant and her husband used to tell her not to offer to help....he of course was too busy reading the racing section in the daily paper!
Since my kids moved out a wee 2k bag lasts us a week no more big piles of mash for my son ,except on Sundays

Chestnut Mon 25-Sep-23 14:33:39

I think some of the smaller supermarkets just sell bagged fruit and veg. My local Tesco Direct does nothing loose because you have to self-scan at the till.

SpringyChicken Mon 25-Sep-23 14:34:18

Potatoes keep as long as they ever did to me. I take them out of the plastic bag asap and put them in a kitchen cupboard, in box lined with newspaper

NotSpaghetti Mon 25-Sep-23 14:40:53

I can buy potatoes loose in several places, even online... but often have to look on the huge "crates" if there in person to discover the variety.

Some are clearly rubbish flavour wise. Some are older all-round varieties and some are only good for some methods of cooking.

I like to have two or three varieties as well as sweet potatoes because I don't always want mash or always want baked for example.

ExDancer Mon 25-Sep-23 14:53:10

We used to grow potatoes on our farm. They last longer if they haven't been washed - its those lovely clean sanitised supermarket vegetables that everyone likes that don't 'keep'.
Our Asda sells loose potatoes.
Some Farmers Markets will sell them by the llb.

rosie1959 Mon 25-Sep-23 14:58:35

We buy ours by the sack from local farmers stored in the cool they keep fine

SueDonim Mon 25-Sep-23 15:04:04

All supermarkets except maybe some High Street convenience type branches sell loose potatoes where I live. Sometimes I just want one or two eg baking potatoes for a recipe and that’s what I buy.

HelterSkelter1 Mon 25-Sep-23 15:14:22

I take potatoes out of the plastic bag as well as soon as I get them home and put them on a sheet of newspaper to dry. Then store them in an old fashioned wicker shopping basket on a bed of newspaper and covered with a sheet of newspaper. Store somewhere cool and they last really well. A cardboard box instead of the basket would be fine as well. I do the same with carrots. We love mashed potatoes especially with grated cheese mixed in.