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How about food photos to inspire us all... here's one mine .

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bikergran Sun 18-Oct-20 08:31:34

Mozzarella starter, simple and cheap

fevertree Sun 18-Oct-20 08:37:38

A work of art bikergran, impressive. A favourite with me.

bikergran Sun 18-Oct-20 08:41:21

I'm off to work now, looking forward to some photos of mouth watering dishes when I come home smile

Puzzler61 Sun 18-Oct-20 08:41:21

That looks really special!

Puzzler61 Sun 18-Oct-20 08:43:53

Cup cakes, a gift (not made by me -I wish I was that talented).

bikergran Sun 18-Oct-20 08:52:37

Yummy can I have one to take to work please ! smile Im hopeless at baking, ok at cooking and buffets etc sandwiches, but cakes are a no no!

EllanVannin Sun 18-Oct-20 09:01:33

Oh dear, I couldn't eat Mozzarella ( buffalo milk ) or any other such cheese, yet I love Danish Blue when it comes to odd ones.

A cupcake would go down better grin.

Although I don't do fancy, my once a year sherry trifle hasn't changed for years.

FannyCornforth Sun 18-Oct-20 09:05:26

That looks delicious bikergran.
It has reminded me of a starter I had donkey's years ago at a very posh restaurant with my parents.
It was just slices of mozzarella and beef tomatoes.
It was absolutely beautiful.
One of the most delicious things ever, the quality of the tomatoes must have been excellent.

What is the main course and pudding?

bikergran Sun 18-Oct-20 09:16:22

Fanny I seem to think we hade steak for main, cant rem the pudding, it's hard to take a good pic of steak, I'm not too much of a meat eater but dd had cooked the main.

Right I must get off GN or I shall be late for my customers byeeee... smile

Missfoodlove Sun 18-Oct-20 09:27:57

Yesterday’s home made sourdough bread.

Puzzler61 Sun 18-Oct-20 09:43:34

Yum. A slice of your bread, with mashed avocado and strips of smoked salmon ..... 😋

Riverwalk Sun 18-Oct-20 12:51:51

Oh, yes I'd love to see pics of everyone's food! I'm trying to avert my gaze from that fabulous soughdough loaf grin

For lunch today, from the freezer, stuffed courgette.

Margsus Sun 18-Oct-20 13:39:26

My home-made potato latkes - mmmmmm.....

Ellianne Sun 18-Oct-20 14:07:23

Colourful lunch Riverwalk. I would enjoy it but my DH won't eat hot food and cold food on the same plate!?

felice Sun 18-Oct-20 14:16:54

I am with your husband Ellianne, I have never seen the reason to serve Lasagne or Beef Carbonade(stew) with salad. I have been known to ask for another plate and scrape the salad on to it.
I can cope ok with the Italian way of serving the salad as a separate course.
When I was cooking and catering I always served cold food on different dishes.
My dad was the same.

shysal Sun 18-Oct-20 15:51:39

Just a few home made favourites from my photos:
Double choc Christmas pud cookies,
Butternut squash frittata,
Pinata donkeys filled with mini Smarties.

MiniMoon Sun 18-Oct-20 16:15:04

I made the best loaf of bread using a tangzhong roux.
It was lovely and light, soft, and kept better than regular bread.
here is a link about it

Rosalyn69 Sun 18-Oct-20 16:27:04

I feel depressed.☹️
Lovely food though. Much better than I can conjure up.

AGAA4 Sun 18-Oct-20 16:55:20

These photos have made me feel hungry!

Marydoll Sun 18-Oct-20 17:02:01

MiniMoon, thanks I may try making that.

bikergran Sun 18-Oct-20 17:14:34

ohhh lovely pics, nice to see other peoples achievements, love them all. I love any kind of bread, I could eat it every day, in fact I do! most days.

shysal Sun 18-Oct-20 18:05:01

MiniMoon, thank you. I have never heard of this but am keen to try. I often make my own bread. Yesterday I made a white loaf containing a swirl if Marmite and cheese which I love. Next time I will use your method and compare.

janeainsworth Sun 18-Oct-20 18:22:30

Thanks Minimoon - the one thing I’ve achieved in lockdown is making my own bread for the first time, so I’ll read your link with interest.
Here’s my contribution - Cajun Chicken with fried green tomatoes from a couple of weeks ago 😋

bikergran Sun 18-Oct-20 18:54:42

That chicken looks soo tasty.

bikergran Sun 18-Oct-20 19:00:45

dd made both of us late breakfast a while ago (I wasn't bothered about the mushrooms on it but ate them) the little black specs are black pepper.