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Food cravings in later life

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giulia Sun 22-May-22 12:40:55

I seem to have seasonal cravings for certain foods - almost as strong as during my pregnancies.

They seem to be plain 70% plus chocolate with walnuts on the side in winter. During the rest of the year they can be crunchy peanut butter, beetroot, raw carrots, toasted bread with salted butter. Other foods too.

While the craving is on I just have to have. Then it drops away and I cannot bear the sight of that food for a while.

I am convinced that these cravings follow bodily instincts so don't fight them.

Is it just me?

I remember, during once pregnancy, having such a craving for carrots that I once pulled one straight out of the bag and shoved it in my mouth without even washing it!

Kim19 Sun 22-May-22 15:57:07

Cravings would be overstating the case for me. I get 'fads'. When I particularly enjoy something, I have it until the phase wears off. Don't see anything strange or wrong with that. A kind of self indulgence I guess. And.... why not?

crazyH Sun 22-May-22 16:04:24

Guava Halva - could eat it all day everyday - as a matter of fact, I did, one week last month, and paid the price.

AGAA4 Sun 22-May-22 16:12:19

I wish it was things like carrots that I crave. Unfortunately it's chocolate.

sodapop Sun 22-May-22 16:23:42


I wish it was things like carrots that I crave. Unfortunately it's chocolate.

Same here AGAA4 I did manage to give it up for a while but its crept back to get me.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 22-May-22 16:46:48

Mine is cauliflower cheese, cannot get enough.
I also love salad sandwiches this time of year, no meat/protein just lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beetroot with salad cream

Redhead56 Sun 22-May-22 17:02:31

I eat pickled veg sauerkraut gherkins beetroots onions usually late at night. Whole lemons and limes not good for my teeth I know!
I think it's just my body craving certain vitamins or minerals.

Witzend Sun 22-May-22 17:07:36

Bread and butter, or buttered toast - with plenty of salted butter.
Now and then I get a craving for something sweet so I’ll add jam, but it has to be blackcurrant - I find other jams just a bit
over sweet.

GrannyGravy13, dh and I love cauliflower cheese! It’s a regular in this house, often with just a baked potato for dinner.

Shame you can so rarely get a good version out, though. Not enough cheese in the sauce, or they’ve used a too-mild one - cauliflower overcooked and/or not drained properly, so it makes the dish all watery, etc…..

Georgesgran Sun 22-May-22 17:44:40

Crisps!! Plain heavily salted crisps - the Co-ops own hand cooked ones and I add extra salt.

nexus63 Sun 22-May-22 17:51:36

i have been craving pickled red cabbage, pickled onions and bananas (not at the same i was on water tablets and they had reduced my potassium and salt levels to a level that was making me ill, my doctor said that was why i was craving those items, she also did say that sometimes when the body needs something it comes as a craving.

Mollygo Sun 22-May-22 18:25:32

Celery and grapefruit juice, buttered toast and . . . Ritter’s rum and raisin chocolate. Thank heavens it only comes in small bars.

dragonfly46 Sun 22-May-22 18:29:05

I crave Jersey Royals at the moment.

GagaJo Sun 22-May-22 18:37:59

It's always been crisps. Although I don't indulge that often.

TerriBull Sun 22-May-22 19:41:30

A tiny bit of sea salt, I've learned of late, sprinkled on certain things like really tiny tasty tomatoes, plus a drizzle of chilli oil is my go to for staving off hunger pangs until dinner these days, I figure the tomatoes are quite a healthy food, but I guess the salt cancels any benefits out. I'm sparing with it though.

I also love crisps, so salty, so bad, so moreish though!

Serendipity22 Sun 22-May-22 22:59:21

Im glad you started this thread because for years I have chosen savoury over sweet, then in the last couple of years the reverse has happened! It hasn't been suddenly, just a gradual thing. Weird, but there you go ! smilesmilesmile

giulia Mon 23-May-22 19:57:12


I wish it was things like carrots that I crave. Unfortunately it's chocolate.

But don't you think thatchocolate cravings come on with cold weather? I crave it in winter but can't bear the sight of it in the summer.

By the way, did you know that Ferrero remove all their chocolate from the shops in the summer and announce its return in September?

Georgesgran Mon 23-May-22 22:38:32

Is the Ferrero thing something to do with their Easter Egg thing, where there was the risk of salmonella? Still waiting for my refund.

valdali Mon 23-May-22 22:43:11

My 5 month puppy has a definite craving for gravel and loo paper at the moment - if anyone knows what nutrients would fix this, please share!

Jane43 Mon 23-May-22 22:54:01

Snap Witzend I love blackcurrant jam as well, I had some on Saturday, DH hates it. Crisps for me as well GagaJo, usually ready salted, preferably crinkled and only on a Saturday which is my treat day.

Mollygo Tue 24-May-22 08:20:42


My 5 month puppy has a definite craving for gravel and loo paper at the moment - if anyone knows what nutrients would fix this, please share!

Ours had, and still has a craving for the slate chips from the garden and toilet roll. I don’t know if it’s lack of nutrients, though a pet health video I watched said that if your dog chews grass, it’s trying to tell you that it’s food is lacking something. (Turned out to be an advert for a dog food supplement @£50 for a smallish jar.)
Our pup also loves the lettuce, tomato, bean sprouts and cucumber I put out for the tortoise, so now we include that in an extra food bowl for her, and give her carrots to chew on. One toilet roll solution is to put it on increasingly higher shelves as our pup’s jumping ability increases.

Witzend Tue 24-May-22 11:15:27

Mollygo, our dog adored raw carrots! She was equally keen on hard crunchy other veg, e.g. the stalk base of a cauliflower.
Even when she was very old her teeth were still good. Mind you she’d never been keen on dog biscuits, which probably had something to do with it.