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Whatever happened to saffron flour....?

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SuperTinny Sat 03-Jun-23 16:32:39

Are there any 'netters from the South West who remember a saffron flavoured flour? This would have been from the '60's/70's. I seem to remember it was sold in 1lb bags and my mum always had a bag of it in the larder, ready to knock up a batch of saffron cakes as a treat.
Since moving back to Devon in 2009 (after 30 years living elsewhere) I've tried hard to find this flour, looking in deli's, food fairs, farmers markets, county and village shows etc. to no avail. Whats more no-one seems to have ever heard of it!
Am I mis-remembering or did it really exist?

Whitewavemark2 Sat 03-Jun-23 16:43:04

We never used saffron flour - always used saffron to flavour the bread/cake mix. It is a sweetened bread mix, so strong flour and yeast etc.

I love saffron cake.

SueDonim Sat 03-Jun-23 16:53:38

Available by mail order here.

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 03-Jun-23 16:54:44

Like this?

SuperTinny Sat 03-Jun-23 17:28:41

SueDonim, Germansheperdsmum: Thank you so much! Thank goodness I wasn't imagining it. I'm pretty certain I've searched google for it before but had never come across it.
Have already put my order

Granmarderby10 Sat 03-Jun-23 23:38:07

Would it work if you just crumbled some saffron into a quantity of flour and combined it thoroughly?

Whitewavemark2 Sun 04-Jun-23 03:09:11

No you soak the saffron in warm water before adding it.