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Pass the parcel.

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Daddima Sun 10-Dec-17 11:04:28

We were at a 70th birthday party last week, where we played Pass the Parcel.
Idea was that the hostess read out a made up story containing lots of the words “ left” and “right”. When you heard either of these words, you passed the parcel to the person on the appropriate side of you, who held on to it till they heard one of the words. The one left with the parcel at the end is the winner.

Jalima1108 Sun 10-Dec-17 12:04:31

We've played that (not at home) when everyone took a present to a gathering - you were invited to pick a present from the table then the game was played passing on the parcels left or right so that you didn't end up with the one you'd picked. If it was the one you'd given you could swap!

silverlining48 Sun 10-Dec-17 12:14:09

When i was asked to prepare a pass the parcel for gd birthday i carefully wrapped up the one gift with layers of paper. Feeling generous as an extra treat i put in Some little pkts of sweets in a couple of layers. too.
When it came to the game all the children cried because they expected a gift in every layer. I got a telling off by dd and i resigned as entertainment manager. !

Alima Sun 10-Dec-17 12:43:44

Have just seen a version of pass the parcel on FB which looks fun. You need a wrapped parcel, Santa hat, a pair of oven gloves and two dice. Stand around a table, decide who throws the dice first and what the chosen combination of numbers is. Who ever throws that puts on the hat and mitts and tries to undo the parcel. The person next in line is meanwhile throwing the dice hoping to get the chosen numbers,when that happens the mitts, parcel and hat move on. Carry on till there’s a winner. (Well I thought it sounds a laugh!)

BlueBelle Sun 10-Dec-17 12:51:39

So guessing that was a body shop party daddima I played it last night 😂

Daddima Sun 10-Dec-17 13:23:16

No, bluebell, but maybe our hostess had been to a Bodyshop party!

And Alima, your game does sound cheery, especially if a small refreshment is included!

BlueBelle Sun 10-Dec-17 13:27:18

Probably Daddima that s the only place I ve played it

Daddima Sun 10-Dec-17 13:30:02

Slightly off topic; for many years at parties in our village hall we’d bring out the “ dressing up bag”. The game was played like Pass the Parcel, but when the music stopped you had to don whichever garment you pulled from the bag. It contained an assortment of weird hats, wigs, big knickers, false boobies ( and worse!), and anything else designed to make the wearer look silly.