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Anniebach Tue 19-Dec-17 20:51:10

Anyone play this? They give suggestions of recommended matches, a contact name and average word: 28 or 13 or 7 etc
What does this mean please?

Luckygirl Tue 19-Dec-17 20:57:42

Beware! - it is addictive! But I really enjoy the contact it gives me with the one of my DDs who lives away. Not sure I can answer your questions - I just play!

The average word score is just what it says! It tells you how good a player you are choosing to play - I only actually play with family and friends and have never chosen an unknown player.

Good luck with it! It keeps your brain alive!

Anniebach Tue 19-Dec-17 21:06:52

I have played for quite a long time, with a niece and now with my daughter but she is often busy and some days time seems long stuck in the house . Am unsure about an unknown player . Thank you

Grannyknot Tue 19-Dec-17 21:11:28

I prefer playing against unknown players smile. I started accepting "Smart Matches" and now many of those people have become my regular playing opponents (although they are strangers).

I'm impressed at how much I must learnt since I started playing in that my average word score has gone up. I've become smarter at how I place tiles e.g. alongside a word vertically and so on.

I also played "against the 'puter" recently, some or other Christmas challenge, which was fun, it got progressively more difficult e.g. the first level against the "Elf" was "Easy" and so on. With these wins, I have gathered points that permit me to swop tiles without missing a turn.

It is addictive, I have to hide the phone and play surreptitiously when I am supposed to be enjoying shared TV viewing ...

Anniebach Tue 19-Dec-17 22:12:36

Thank you grannyknot, think I will pick up courage and try smart matches x

NotTooOld Tue 19-Dec-17 22:25:34

Yes, they've improved Words with Friends, haven't they? I used to play it but it was not as good as Scrabble so I abandoned it and stuck with Scrabble. I've been playing a random stranger for about 4 years now. We are fairly evenly matched so we get some good games. I occasionally send her a message but she has only ever replied once, even when I wished her Happy New Year last year she chose not to reply. I often wonder why.

Anniebach Tue 19-Dec-17 22:28:26

Scrabble? Wonder if I can get that on iPad ?

pensionpat Tue 19-Dec-17 23:21:50

Yes Annie. Search in App Store for "free scrabble for IPad"

Anniebach Wed 20-Dec-17 04:49:27

I will, thank you pat x

Christinefrance Wed 20-Dec-17 09:11:58

Yes I play this too always with unknown opponents but regularly the same ones.
I enjoy all word games although I'm not too good. Keeps the brain active and more interesting than some TV programmes.

Anniebach Wed 20-Dec-17 09:14:42

I play word games for hours, not interested in tv

SparklyGrandma Wed 27-Dec-17 23:04:59

I play Words with Friends with about 5 people I know. It has helped keep my brain and memory active, and is great fun.
Time goes so slowly, its good for keeping boredom at bay, and keeping in touch with friends.

BlueBelle Thu 28-Dec-17 05:12:28

I too play with complete strangers from all over the place and love it I m not bad at it and often have five six or more games on the go
You can write little notes to each other too and I often get American men trying to start up conversations ‘ how are you today my dear’ etc etc which I normally ignore The other day I had one who was definitely not on there to play word games I told him politely to get on with the game he disappeared completely 😂

Anniebach Thu 28-Dec-17 05:27:07

I haven't picked up the courage to play strangers yet, will do so today, the day and evening playing games alone makes the day seem longer

pensionpat Thu 28-Dec-17 08:51:17

I've just remembered you can play Scrabble with a group. I only tried it once years ago. Can't remember why but I didn't like it. I play Scrabble and WWF. I wish they would use the same dictionary!

Christinefrance Thu 28-Dec-17 09:23:37

Yes so do I pensionpat it's so annoying being able to use a certain word in one game but not another. It's either a valid word or it isn't I think.

SparklyGrandma Thu 28-Dec-17 10:56:41

Anniebach I dont play strangers as because my Words for Friends is on my Facebook, it means I can play friends and relatives.

It also means I don't get strange men playing me such as BlueBell describes.

Anniebach Thu 28-Dec-17 11:02:23

I need a good shaking, I want to play with others but have lost so much confidence I fear they will get stroppy with me