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NanKate Mon 10-Jun-19 20:27:49

Do any of you play the game of Mahjong? Is it fun, can you play alone, what is it’s difficult rating do you think ?

Any other solo games you can recommend? I already play all types of solitaire.

M0nica Mon 10-Jun-19 20:33:18

My parents played Mah Jong. They learned it when we were stationed in Hong Kong and it was always very popular in army circles.

I know it only as a game played by four people. The Chinese use it to bet on and it is very competitive. I have never heard of it as a solo game. Who can you lay bets with when you are the only player?

merlotgran Mon 10-Jun-19 20:42:05

I learned to play it when I was ten when Dad was posted to Aden. I still have their lovely bamboo and imitation ivory set which no longer gets used but I can't bear to part with it.

The only online versions I've found are just a version of solitaire and quite boring.

mumofmadboys Mon 10-Jun-19 23:21:27

I learnt to play it a couple of years ago through the U3A. I found it rather boring I'm afraid!

NanKate Tue 11-Jun-19 06:46:20

Thanks for the feedback will give it a miss.

rosecarmel Tue 11-Jun-19 07:35:56

This site is fantastic, people from all over the world contribute to it, here is a link to the top 100 solo games, from 100 - down to 1 being the most popular- And if you Google the game that interests you, you might be able to find a video of the game and how it is played on YouTube- Good luck!

EllanVannin Tue 11-Jun-19 07:38:45

I love it ! Have been playing it for years online. I've managed to reach the 3rd level a few times with " War Mahjong " and now master it like a pro.

rosecarmel Tue 11-Jun-19 08:08:50

Sorry, I forgot the link smile

BlueBelle Tue 11-Jun-19 08:12:50

I sometimes play online I ve never played it in real life can still hear the click of the tiles when I used to live in HK

mcem Tue 11-Jun-19 08:24:46

Lots of versions online to download and play solo. Some are very good with beautiful graphics while others are poorly designed.
Don't expect to play the traditional game (as played by my GP's in India in the 30/ 40's) since it's actually more like 'matching pairs'! I still have their set and am about to pass it on to my son).
Hope you find either online competitors or at least a different form of solitaire.
Worth exploring!

BradfordLass72 Tue 11-Jun-19 10:41:07

The game played online, simply matching tiles, is nothing like the real Mahjong, which is complicated, takes a long time to learn and needs more concentration than I possess.

I only know this because my neighbour is currently learning at a local class and her stories have put me off for life! smile

But this one is easy - just look for 2 identical tiles, click on them and away you go.

mcem Tue 11-Jun-19 20:55:41

As I said, the online games are not the same as the traditional game, but as op said she plays solitaire I thought that these mahjong-themed matching pairs games might be of interest.
Despite my GM's attempts to teach me the 'real' game, I couldn't raise any enthusiasm.
Hope my son may be more interested in his GGM's set!

M0nica Wed 12-Jun-19 17:30:39

Yes, I can remember the clicking if tiles, lying in bed while my parents and friends laughed and chatted downstairs as they had a Mah jong evening.

I inherited both their sets, but after a year or so, with regret I sold them. I am just not a game player, whether with tiles, boards or online. I would rather read a book, if alone, or relax and talk, if in company.

NanKate Wed 12-Jun-19 20:18:35

Thanks folks for all your helpful input.

Rosecaramel really looking fwd to investigating the top 100. Isn’t GN good for gathering info when you need it ? 👍