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Tangerine Fri 14-Jun-19 22:55:49

Never accept lifts

Bellanonna Tue 18-Jun-19 20:15:47

That’s easily remedied

GrandmaJan Tue 18-Jun-19 20:30:29

Interesting election documentary

fairisle Tue 18-Jun-19 21:04:03

Any Roses? Yellow?

GrandmaJan Wed 19-Jun-19 11:02:22

Let out wail

Scribbles Wed 19-Jun-19 14:49:34

Aunt's in Llangollen

GrandmaJan Wed 19-Jun-19 16:02:34

Lovely evening now

fairisle Wed 19-Jun-19 17:29:26

Noticed Oliver waved!

JessK Wed 19-Jun-19 21:21:20

Very easy drive

GrandmaJan Wed 19-Jun-19 21:24:01

I value education

Scribbles Wed 19-Jun-19 21:57:00

I'm outside now

Bellanonna Wed 19-Jun-19 21:57:31

I’m on Nurofen

Bellanonna Wed 19-Jun-19 21:58:10

Need one wonder?

Dawn22 Thu 20-Jun-19 08:03:01

Tried every race.

Dawn22 Thu 20-Jun-19 08:06:45

Oops above.
Demanded every right.

crazyH Thu 20-Jun-19 08:06:46

And colour excluded

GrandmaJan Thu 20-Jun-19 11:15:10

Following on from “Demanded every right”

Get Home Tonight

fairisle Thu 20-Jun-19 16:36:52

Great! hail, thunder

crazyH Thu 20-Jun-19 16:51:28

Drawing, extremely rude

GrandmaJan Thu 20-Jun-19 16:51:52

Don’t ever regret

Scribbles Thu 20-Jun-19 21:06:02

Respect every teacher

fairisle Thu 20-Jun-19 21:11:29

Hoping Eric remembers!

farview Fri 21-Jun-19 09:40:53

Eternity ring.. sapphires

Scribbles Fri 21-Jun-19 17:54:29

Requiring extra shortbread

GrandmaJan Fri 21-Jun-19 18:11:22

Each area deserted

fairisle Fri 21-Jun-19 18:19:15

The Elves danced

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