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boss567 Thu 12-Dec-19 19:08:00

I love to play golf. This is my hobby.

How To Grip A Golf Club?

Lilypops Thu 12-Dec-19 19:13:18

Boss, are you asking for advice, or how to improve your grip, baseball grip, lap over , it's all a matter of what feels comfortable I suppose,

Lilypops Thu 12-Dec-19 23:09:44

Or is this some sort of wind up Boss as you haven't come back .?

WOODMOUSE49 Fri 13-Dec-19 01:22:26

Well the FORUM is about GAMES wink grin

homecleaner123 Fri 13-Dec-19 15:57:15

I am certainly not an expert boss567 in this matter. But as a novice player I recommend reading the article ...

jamessmith1 Mon 10-Feb-20 13:28:53

! Really appreciate providing way to get knowledge and amazing facts or points to grip a golf club
Thanks alots