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Jigsaws & Board games rarer than rocking horse droppings!

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Liz08 Fri 20-Mar-20 19:21:02

Anticipating the impending 'self isolation' I went to the local charity shop today looking for jigsaws (used self distancing of course).
I couldn't see any on display so I asked the nice chap behind the counter if they had any in the back waiting to be put out for sale.
Well - he grimaced, sucked in air through his teeth (like a builder giving a quote) shook his head sadly and told me "you won't find any jigsaws or board games in this area". shock You'd have thought I'd asked for pasta or loo rolls ....

EllanVannin Fri 20-Mar-20 19:44:24

Wait until you see the prices of some of those old games on Ebay. You won't get a compendium for 12/6. Rare as hens teeth

chocolatepudding Fri 20-Mar-20 19:57:00

Last summer we went to a jigsaw festival held in a large barn on a farm in East Anglia. The entire village had spent 18 months doing over 800 jigsaws (mainly 1000 pieces) and all the completed ones were on individual cardboard sheets on tables with the box underneath. You picked up the cardboard and box, went to the payment table where the jigsaw was broken up and placed in the box. Most jigsaws were £3 each and we bought 9 !! There were so many different pictures and as each puzzle was taken another puzzle was put on display. In the corner of the barn was a pop up cafe with homemade cakes. A good day out despite the pouring rain.

rubysong Fri 20-Mar-20 21:09:22

I know of two houses in this village where there are masses of jigsaws. Maybe they will offer them to the rest of us.

harrigran Fri 20-Mar-20 21:18:38

I do jigsaws on the computer, saves on table space.

grannypiper Sun 22-Mar-20 07:51:33

harrigran What a fantastic idea, what is the name of the site please ?

Liz46 Sun 22-Mar-20 08:01:58

I am a bit of a hoarder but have been trying get rid of some things. All our jigsaws went to the charity shop a few weeks ago!

Bathsheba Sun 22-Mar-20 08:17:37

grannypiper try or

grannypiper Sun 22-Mar-20 17:30:30

Thank you Bathsheba, now that i will have to stay indoors for 12 weeks i will make good use of these

shysal Sun 22-Mar-20 17:37:14

Loads of jigsaw puzzles on Ebay. They average about £6 to £7.
I have 4 coming to go with the ones I bought a while ago even before this turn of events.

ninathenana Sun 22-Mar-20 18:46:11

All Jigsaw Puzzles UK

twinnytwin Mon 30-Mar-20 11:01:38

Thanks Bathsheba. I'm sharing this with my family too.