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Describe a play, book, film or TV prog in as few words as possible.

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vampirequeen Thu 25-Mar-21 12:49:12

The idea is that you describe any one of the above by cutting it back to it's absolute basics. The next person leaves the answer and writes another description.

Man who hates given name solves puzzles.

Calendargirl Thu 25-Mar-21 12:52:42


Northern soap with royal connections.

vampirequeen Thu 25-Mar-21 12:56:02

Coronation Street

Doppleganger loses head.

Mildmanneredgran Thu 25-Mar-21 13:04:33

I can't think what this is! Can we have another clue, please?

Eloethan Thu 25-Mar-21 13:36:02

Isn't the OP's example Endeavour?

I can't get vampirequeen's example.

vampirequeen Thu 25-Mar-21 14:09:44

The OP was Morse. He never used his first name because he didn't like it and solved puzzles (both murders and crosswords).

Doppleganger loses head in Paris.

EMMF1948 Thu 25-Mar-21 14:15:33

Alt to Corrie, The Royle Family

tanith Thu 25-Mar-21 14:17:01

Tale of Two Cities?

Failed Moon shot.

vampirequeen Thu 25-Mar-21 17:39:10

Apollo 13

Man, with insane wife, is killed by a tree.

Nanna58 Thu 25-Mar-21 20:53:11

Jane Eyre?

Spoilt woman, dress from curtains: don’t give a damn !

Calendargirl Fri 26-Mar-21 06:58:36

Gone With The Wind.

Upmarket holiday camp in the mountains, entertainment needs a spring clean.

vampirequeen Sat 27-Mar-21 19:14:17

Dirty Dancing

Man, with insane wife, is killed by a tree with Macbeth

vampirequeen Sat 27-Mar-21 19:15:30

Remarkably polite feline consumes all food and drink.

welbeck Sat 27-Mar-21 19:18:21

round man on wall.

vampirequeen Sun 28-Mar-21 12:19:19

Humpty Dumpty

GoldenLady Wed 14-Apr-21 23:02:56

Family spends most of their time changing their clothes and jewelry, with the help of servants.

Juliet27 Thu 15-Apr-21 06:54:06


Young girl careless with pets

Juliet27 Thu 15-Apr-21 06:55:12

oops. Royle Family

Juliet27 Thu 15-Apr-21 10:26:31

Downton Abbey

GoldenLady Thu 22-Apr-21 19:10:22

Yes, it's Downton Abbey!