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Ask the Person Below You a Question: Thread Four! Countdown to C********! 😃

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FannyCornforth Thu 02-Sep-21 06:33:14

Welcome to the Fourth Thread, Questioners and Answerers!

Are you feeling Autumnal?

biglouis Fri 22-Oct-21 14:05:25

I didnt start anything new in lockdown, just carried on more or less normal as I go out little and have few visitors.

Do you believe that dreams have real meanings about our subconscious desires or that we just wish it was so?

BBbevan Fri 22-Oct-21 11:27:49

Yes we do. My DD who lives near the top of a mountain not far from us has the most appalling phone and broadband reception.If it is cloudy and damp forget it.

If you started new things in lockdown, like daily walks, do you still do them?

henetha Fri 22-Oct-21 11:08:28

Yes. I start buying in September usually. But even before that if I see something suitable for someone. I like to spread the cost.

Do you get good reception where you live for tv, phone, broadband, etc. ?

AGAA4 Fri 22-Oct-21 10:44:19

No. I am waiting in for decorators to repair damage done to my kitchen when there was a leak from the roof.
Have you bought any Christmas presents yet? I don't usually think about it till mid November at the earliest.

Billybob4491 Fri 22-Oct-21 07:27:07

I use the library every week and take home 4/5 books which I enjoy reading (I rarely watch TV)

Have you anything interesting planned for today?

GrannyMacawell Fri 22-Oct-21 07:01:05

Sometimes. .but I never wake up refreshed regardless.

when did you last use a library and what for: did you borrow anything?

Juliet27 Fri 22-Oct-21 06:13:46

Even before Covid I stopped going to the cinema. I’d rather watch in silence but was put off by people talking or eating through films. I don’t have to see a film as soon as it comes out so I’m happy to wait until it perhaps appears on Netflix.

Do you ever get the recommended 8 hours sleep a night?

nanna8 Fri 22-Oct-21 05:29:48

I don't love it , have to go next week. No phobia though. Except the hip pocket nerve.

Since Covid, would you go to the cinema?

crazyH Fri 22-Oct-21 00:29:06

Apologies to FC and all…… I can’t remember what the question was /what I was replying to…really 😢

Yes, I guess I do live near a wind farm. When I drive to my son’s house, I can see the huge “things” in the distance.

I was just reading about Dentist Phobias. I have a similar phobia. Lockdown was a good excuse. But now, I’ve got to make that phone call, but I am so nervous….do you hate going to the Dentist ?

Mollygo Fri 22-Oct-21 00:14:25

Yes we do. Likewise on Only Connect and the general knowledge part of Mastermind.
Occasionally we even score on UC- but sometimes we don’t even understand the questions!

Do you live near a wind farm?

BBbevan Thu 21-Oct-21 17:55:09

Love sprouts, but DH ? ……wind

Do. You watch programs such as Pointless and shout the answers ?

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 21-Oct-21 16:49:18

I do hope we don't have more lockdowns or the nation may go bankrupt. It feels like mask wearing may well become mandatory again which isn't too objectionable.

Do you like Brussels sprouts?

AGAA4 Thu 21-Oct-21 16:45:18

I give to the charities that help the homeless not directly to them.

Do you think some restrictions will be brought back as winter progresses. I mean mask wearing and homeworking not lockdowns.

henetha Thu 21-Oct-21 13:45:02

No, not a charity shop. Bad back means I can't stand for long.
I did voluntary driving for the doctor's surgery for a couple of years.

Do you give money to the homeless? Do you have mixed feelings about which of them are genuine?

biglouis Thu 21-Oct-21 12:56:44

A pamper session would mean something like a spa day, being massaged, having my hair washed and so on then relaxing with a cold drink by the pool.

You could just mention the books to the neighbour (without referencing the refuge) and ask her if she knows anyone who has a use for them. If she says "no" just take them to the charity shop.

Have you ever volunteered in a charity shop or similar?

I did but it was a long time ago. It was in an Asian area and they got some wonderful saris and dupattas which I sometimes used to buy for the fabrics.

FannyCornforth Thu 21-Oct-21 11:55:41

CrazyH which question have you answered above? I’m confused

I’m not sure what a pamper session is!
What does a pamper session mean to you?
(And what should I do about the Refuge stuff I asked about at 4.46? smile)

crazyH Thu 21-Oct-21 11:46:58

Good Lord - NO, not even when I was young .

How often do you often a pamper session?

FannyCornforth Thu 21-Oct-21 04:46:12

Lord yes. I’ve had to totally stop myself now. My house is very small, and I’ve said before on here, I’ve got too much stuff. If I had more room it probably wouldn’t be so evident. I’m going to put some things into storage.

I’ve got lots and lots of children’s books from teaching, which need to go to a very good home.
Actually this is my question.
One of my neighbours works at a women’s refuge.
But I’m not supposed to know; everything about the refuge is very top secret.
I used to teach children who we’re staying there, and even I don’t know exactly where it is.
Anyway, I’d love to give the books and other things to my neighbour for the refuge.
Is there anyway I can get around this? confused

hollysteers Thu 21-Oct-21 01:08:43

Pretty catholic: Victorian classics (Trollope,Gaskell etc.) American classics (Wharton, Cather) 1930s, 40s and 50s British novels. I also love Irish writers.
I don’t read that many contemporary novels these days, sometimes McEwan, Julian Barnes.

Do you find yourself buying more books even if you don’t need them?
(I could open a bookstore)

biglouis Wed 20-Oct-21 23:21:25

My favorite couture designer was Versacci - Ive always preferred Italian fashion to French.

What is your favorite genre in novels or fiction?

Ive loved SciFi since I was a young girtl. I used to listen to "Journey into Space" on the radio before TV became common.

BBbevan Wed 20-Oct-21 20:36:27

It was pretty frightening this morning. Thunder, immense flashes of lightening and torrential rain. We could hear the sea roaring too.

Do you have a favourite dress designer, company or shop?

Mollygo Wed 20-Oct-21 18:38:07

Least favourite-soaps
Favourite arts programs and natural history.

Tornado in Widnes.
What’s the most unusual/ dangerous weather you’ve experienced in the UK?

FannyCornforth Wed 20-Oct-21 15:43:38

Can’t watch!

FannyCornforth Wed 20-Oct-21 15:43:18

No. I could if forced to, but definitely turn off if something comes on. I’d never choose to. I can watch any of the vet programs either.

Which genres of TV are your favourite, and least favourite?

hollysteers Wed 20-Oct-21 15:07:24

I had the 80s perm and I know I look better with straighter hair.

Can you watch surgical operations on TV?
(I can’t, I’m too squeamish)