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Wordle for specialists

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MrsPickle Sat 22-Jan-22 19:49:02

I obviously lead a very boring life.
And now, to cap it all, I got to thinking about wordle.
I noticed there's one for musicians, so I thought of other specialisms which could warrant their own. I might be disowned after this;

Birdle for bird watchers
Hurdle for athletes
Murdle for criminologists
T*rdle for pet owners (it was this one which got me started on this entirely useless pursuit)
Curdle for cheese makers
Slurdle for drinkers

What else might there be?
I'll get my coat...

MissAdventure Sat 22-Jan-22 20:01:23


MissAdventure Sat 22-Jan-22 20:02:27

Purrdle for cat lovers.

kittylester Sat 22-Jan-22 20:04:38

Purldle for knitters

Pittcity Sat 22-Jan-22 20:33:01

Girdle for models.
Nurdle for brainboxes.

Ali08 Sun 23-Jan-22 00:02:42

Curdle for cheesemakers
Hurdle for athletes

Ali08 Sun 23-Jan-22 00:03:32

Sorry, MrsPickles, I didn't see you'd put the athletes one already!

merlotgran Sun 23-Jan-22 00:17:09

Yurdle for Zummerzet yodellers.

JackyB Sun 23-Jan-22 03:52:38

Hurdle for corsetiers

JackyB Sun 23-Jan-22 03:53:26

Blow! Autocorrect again. I wrote "Gurdle"

FannyCornforth Sun 23-Jan-22 05:04:39

Durr-dle for idiots

Kim19 Sun 23-Jan-22 06:18:34

Brain dead but huge smurgles from me!

JackyB Sun 23-Jan-22 11:46:03

Gurgle for babies

MissAdventure Sun 23-Jan-22 12:04:00

Beefburgle for fast food lovers.

biglouis Mon 24-Jan-22 03:56:38

Dawdle for owners of tortoises

Nannagarra Mon 24-Jan-22 15:19:14

Slurple for wind drinkers

Nannagarra Mon 24-Jan-22 15:19:36

Wine! Not wind!

Ali08 Thu 27-Jan-22 12:21:55

Furdle for cat lovers
Gurdle for slimmers
Hurdle for people in the way
Kurdle for Kurds
Nurdle for using them wisely (noodles)
Purrdle for cats

MayBeMaw Thu 27-Jan-22 13:18:31

Sweardle for one of those days?

FannyCornforth Thu 27-Jan-22 13:29:30

Dirndl for Bavarian traditionalists