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eGJ Sat 06-May-23 20:46:36

Only one needle

Ali08 Sun 16-Jul-23 13:58:14

Internal Affairs Left

henetha Mon 17-Jul-23 11:33:53

Eggs for tea

Ali08 Mon 17-Jul-23 12:59:24

Thanks Everyone Again

eGJ Sun 23-Jul-23 17:33:19

Added ingredients needed

Crocus5 Tue 25-Jul-23 06:17:29

Dance every day

henetha Tue 25-Jul-23 10:34:15

Dozing at yoga

eGJ Tue 25-Jul-23 21:25:53

Online guide accessed

CrochetBliss Tue 25-Jul-23 21:32:25

Interesting and lively

CrochetBliss Tue 25-Jul-23 21:34:39

Sorry, I didn’t check the 2nd page

CrochetBliss Tue 25-Jul-23 21:35:29

Special Easy Dance

crazyH Tue 25-Jul-23 21:40:52

Nice candy eaten

eGJ Wed 26-Jul-23 07:21:39

Take enough nourishment

henetha Wed 26-Jul-23 09:56:14

Entering new territory

eGJ Thu 27-Jul-23 06:48:32

Onboard Royal Yacht

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 27-Jul-23 06:54:19

Come here Timothy!

eGJ Thu 27-Jul-23 19:36:58

Try halving yams

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 27-Jul-23 20:31:50

Always melt sugar

henetha Fri 28-Jul-23 10:19:05

Growing a rose

eGJ Fri 28-Jul-23 14:29:53

Opera singer’s excellent

Ramblingrose22 Fri 28-Jul-23 15:09:23

Everyone needs tea

henetha Sat 29-Jul-23 10:28:38

Ten elegant alpacas

eGJ Sat 29-Jul-23 12:18:04

Careful artistic stencil

HowVeryDareYou2 Sun 30-Jul-23 07:49:16

Called in late

eGJ Sun 30-Jul-23 08:23:41

Ate the eclairs

henetha Sun 30-Jul-23 10:13:17

It's really special

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