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eGJ Wed 23-Aug-23 07:43:36

Last acronym
Quite reasonable solution

HowVeryDareYou2 Tue 05-Dec-23 15:56:54

Threats upset vicar

Bellanonna Tue 05-Dec-23 23:33:43

Well, eXplain yourself !

Juliet27 Wed 06-Dec-23 09:43:22

Zen and Buddhism

henetha Wed 06-Dec-23 10:32:12

Christmas day entertainment

crazyH Wed 06-Dec-23 13:06:11

Found great happiness

Juliet27 Wed 06-Dec-23 14:53:17

I just know!

HowVeryDareYou2 Wed 06-Dec-23 14:57:15

Local man named

Juliet27 Wed 06-Dec-23 15:00:36

Other person questioned

Bellanonna Wed 06-Dec-23 23:37:10

Really strong tea

Ali08 Thu 07-Dec-23 04:42:37

Unfortunately Victoria Won

Juliet27 Thu 07-Dec-23 06:29:26

eXtra yummy zabaglione

HowVeryDareYou2 Thu 07-Dec-23 07:53:28

Aren't babies cute?

henetha Thu 07-Dec-23 10:28:44

Daily exercise fantastic

Juliet27 Thu 07-Dec-23 12:16:34

Gut health ideal

crazyH Thu 07-Dec-23 12:44:49

Just know , loosely .

AGAA4 Thu 07-Dec-23 13:21:28

More novelty orders

crazyH Thu 07-Dec-23 13:31:59

People quiet recently

Juliet27 Thu 07-Dec-23 14:13:50

Son turned up

crazyH Thu 07-Dec-23 14:52:19

Victory was eXcellent

AGAA4 Thu 07-Dec-23 15:49:40

Your zeal astounds

HowVeryDareYou2 Thu 07-Dec-23 16:38:28

Beautiful Christmas decorations

eGJ Thu 07-Dec-23 16:55:43

Eagerly friends gathering

Juliet27 Thu 07-Dec-23 18:21:33

Holiday in January

crazyH Thu 07-Dec-23 19:49:56

Kept low maintenance

eGJ Fri 08-Dec-23 03:04:09

Newly orchestrated piece

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